Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do One Thing: Week 8

Week 8: TOOLS:

gloves, crescent wrench, ax, shovel, 1/2in coil rope, hammer, pliers, screw drivers, duct tape, pocket knife, sewing kit, etc.

(Thor and I also have the instructions for shutting off the utilities..he may know, I may know, but whoever else is there may need the info., also a scout handbook comes in handy!)

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The Hobbit said...

s'mee, Things are quiet on your end, sending extra prayers in case
they are needed if not pass them on where they might do some good.....the hobbit

S'mee said...

thanks Hobbit, actually all is well, just away from *my* computer and unable to connect on the one I have unless the moons align and there is a swarm of pink butterflies or whatever hanging overhead! I have been on the road (during the week) and it just makes for funky posting. Things should turn around and be "normal" in a few weeks. Thanks for the prayers, even in good times that's always a great thing! You are a great friend to me, thanks!