Sunday, June 01, 2008

Girly girl stuff!

When I was with my Daughter in law last, I asked her if she would teach me how to crochet those cute little baby socks. After all, I have a baby girl to dress now!

D-i-l said yes and said they were super easy. (she actually made 60-some pairs as a Young Women's Project back in the day. She then donated them all to a shelter. Can you imagine getting these cute socks for your baby?)

So while she nursed L'il Bit, she walked me through a pair of socks. I finished the pair in about 23 hours...well maybe it was a tad shorter than that, but I felt really awkward that first pair! I left her with the first set and then came home and made a few more. And yes, they got easier each set. (but don't ask for a tutorial one this, I don't think I am that capable!)

I thought it would be cute to see if I could also do the same technique on a onesie. That was fun. Not. But I love the fuzzy soft look so I may actually do it again! I started with the pink fuzzy pair, went on to the onesie and then hit up the lavender and then D-i-l's favourite, the silver sparkle-y ones.

See? You can teach an old dog a new trick!

Update: Ok. I slept on it and it's driving me crazy. So look for a tutorial in about a week.

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LeaAnne said...

I've purchased a few pairs of these kind of socks in my day..
Maybe I will see if I can get a girl friend to show ME how to do them. Now I know that they are not that hard, I might try thanks for the great example!
OR..Probably I will just buy more. lol We will see :)

S'mee said...

Leaanne, they were really easy once I understood and got my 50 year old eyes to adjust to the eensty weensie thread! ACK! I am reconsidering that tutorial. They really were fairly easy.

I won't have access to my computer for another week, so I won't be able to up load. But keep checking back!

The Pea said...

Okay this is so funny I sold the onsie sock sets not to long ago when i was not so consumed by children. Yours look awesome!! My favorite are fluffy ones too.

S'mee said...

Pea, that doesn't surprise me, didn't you make little head bands too? Yeah, I'm trying out all that stuff. Thanks!

Emily C said...

My mom made socks like that for me when I was an elementary school kid, and I LOVED THEM!

The only thing I'd worry about with baby socks is the beads--if they're not really secure they could be choking hazards.

Yeah, I know, rain on your parade. But they're cute!

S'mee said...

Emily, I thought of that also! Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks about those things! I figure the tiny baby ones should be fine, you know, before they can grab their feet, then skip a while and then when you can trust them to keep out of the mouth go for it again!

Mark & Ceri said...

Hi s'mee, I have a question, do you have any ideas of how to make a calendar and display all the fmaily birthdays and anniversaries? Not a calendar but a craft? I thought out of everyone I know you might have some wonderful idea. I have seen some that are just the months on a plank of wood almost and then painted on little hearts is the persons name and the date, but I don't want to do that exactly. Just thought I would ask. Thanks!:)

S'mee said...

Ceri, I have a couple of them actually, kind of like mini scrapbook/notebooks? I am at #1's until Wednesday, talk with you then!

Mark & Ceri said...

Sounds great thank you!