Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Evidently I am one of those "ladies who lunch" or in this case brunch.

In our church, when a young woman turns 18 she is welcomed into the Relief Society. Before that she would have been in the Young Women's Program with girls aged 12 through 18. They have all kinds of fun learning and training, making goals and achieving all kinds of successes while serving and volunteering in the church, at their schools and in the community. Now they are 18 and sometimes it feels like they are suddenly thrown to the old ladies den never to have fun again!

We wanted to help them feel welcome and excited about being with the old ladies! We also wanted to introduce them to the younger women in the Young Single Adult Ward (18 -32 yr. old single men and women). They get to choose which ward they would like to belong to! The YSA ward is the best! (Well in my opinion , they have such a great ward!) SO we decided to throw a brunch!

We invited all the graduating senior high school young women and their moms, their Young Women leaders and their new Relief Society Presidents. Everyone knows it's much more fun to eat and chat than to just meet and say "hey!". I didn't get as many photos as I wanted but here's the jist of it:

We served a breakfast quiche of ham, bacon or spinach, fresh fruit, home made cinnamon rolls and muffins, juice and milk. Then, as the gals ate, our Stake RS President invited the YSA Presidency to come up and say a bit about the YSA ward Relief Society and the differences there as opposed to the regular "family" wards, besides all the cute guys! It was so fun to watch the young women try and encourage these new gals to come without insulting all us "old ladies"! It was funny! Evidently they have more physical activities, like volleyball, dances, and pool parties, they don't use hot glue very much, and they have FUN all the time! They do monthly service projects and have an extremely high percentage of Visiting Teachinga! They are so excited about everything it is hard not to want to go with them!

Then the Stake RS President introduced each new gal to the group and gave her a framed
Relief Society Declaration with a candy that said "Twix you and me, Relief Society is the place to be!" Corny? Yup, but who doesn't like candy with a cute statement?

We had a lot of fun and I think it made a small dent and hopefully the girls will feel a bit more comfortable making the transition into Relief Society!

a Visiting Teaching: In the Relief Society, each woman is given a partner and together they are assigned a small group (2-6) of other women to personally "Visit Teach" once a month. Visit Teaching consists of the two partners visiting with and teaching a brief Spiritual message to each of their assigned women at their individual homes. Part of their visit should be prayer, building friendship and trust, so each women feels loved and cared for, and just visiting! Inquiries should also be made to determine if the woman needs assistance in any way or support, or whatever. If there is a need, the Visiting Teacher can assist, or ask their leadership to help if needed. No woman should ever feel lonely or in need if everyone successfully does their Visiting Teaching. Every woman in the Relief Society should have Visiting Teachers.

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LeaAnne said...

What a wonderful way to get our Young Women excited about Relief Society! I am always looking for these kind of ideas! Thanks Smee!

S'mee said...

You're welcome LeaAnne! We got a great response from the adult leaders, we hope the young women were excited too. Next year we plan on a silly skit and some more thought out fun, but this was our first at bat, so we all it a success. : )

Rynell said...

That looks YUMMY and PRETTY! I just love your ideas. The centerpieces turned out lovely. I'll have to remember that one.

S'mee said...

Thanks Rynell! We have turned the pieces this way and that and we have so many different ways to use them, I can't wait! Plus, at the last minute Chronicler gave us clear glass plates and they look fabulous on the top, I like it even better!