Thursday, May 15, 2008

what a week!

Missouri Storms and more tornadoes also in Oklahoma raising the death toll.

Sudan and Chad hostilities. Lebanon troubles. Debating about Tibet still in Nepal.

Jenna jumped the broom. Indecision in Baghdad ... despite 4,077 dead.

Somebody started the fire in Florida. US aide takes off for cyclone hit Myanmar.

4 High Court Justices bow out. The circus continues. The Marines exceed their recruiting goals. Polygamists write the President.

Jerusalem causes problems for the 60th Anniversary Celebrations.

Lead shoes are worn by the government in Myanmar.

More news on links to Autism. ...and the beat goes on...

A scam artist and a tax rebate walk into a bar... When it rains, it pours.

Hezbollah gets into the act. Cease fire kills 11. It's my party and I'll quit if I want to.

What recession? WalMart seems to be doing just fine. So is big oil; and HP goes shopping. But most of us are being careful; and 1/3 of us plan to postpone our retirements.

A pacifier. One price is lowering.

Foot binding leads to small steps. "medium intensity"

Katrina may get another shot. America's favourite pastime. oy.

They walk alike, they talk alike.

Another chip in the China The death toll kept rising...20,000

I see London, I see France.

So much for Lizzie Bordon.

Smart and tough.

....and it's "o.k. to believe" according to the Pope, good to know.

What's the Chinese word for "damn"?

The FDA is protecting the drug companies? what a shock! How to threaten a polar bear.

Whoops! sorry. our bad!

Well it was insurance companies and the government, what did we expect?

and what really set me off:
proof my vote (and the majority of California's voting citizens votes) literally does not count

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chronicler said...

Oh holy canoli girlfriend! All those links! All those stories!!!

Oh and I love that the voters don't need to vote here any longer! Let judges make laws, yes that was in the constitution!

maren said...

I've been hearing all about what happened in California. I am so sorry.

OH, and a friend sent me a link to the Story of Stuff yesterday. I found it very depressing where we find ourselves now, as a culture and a society.

S'mee said...

Chronicler, yes, voting made easier! Just let 7 people decide!

Maren, ugh, thanks. Story of stuff...great link!