Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what a weak!

O.k. so you saw the agenda. Somewhere in the middle I decided that heck, things are just going too smoothly so why not get really really ill? Yeah, that was fun.

I was going pretty good. I had babysat the most well behaved baby in the universe (oh my heck this child is easy!), and then geared up to go to Time Out For Women.

I went over to my sis's house to chat for a second while we 'canned' (that didn't take nearly as long as I had anticipated.) Then headed over to my mom's to do the mother's day gig because I knew I would be otherwise occupied on Sunday. After that I headed to the local Fresh and Easy to grab a lunch for the following day. I picked up a Caesar Salad and a peach nectar and went to my sis in laws to visit with her hubby and daughter until she got home. Her hubby grabbed subs and sodas and we spent the night yakking away till about midnight when her son told us to "GO TO BED!"

I hop into the shower and by 12:30 I was face down in the loo sacrificing to the porcelain gods. Not fun. Meatball and marinara in reverse is never a good idea. But one good 'ralph' and I thought I was done. "Just too much to eat." I thought. I thought wrong.

Literally every hour on the half I got up again to recycle the daily intake. Holy Schmoly. At 4:30 my tour of duty woke up sis and she was standing outside the door as I crawled out to leave. I took the cold glass of water she offered, it was heaven to sip, and explained the situation. She prophesied that I wouldn't be heading down to San Diego that morning. She's always been a smart one.

At 5:30 I again met her in the hall and decided to call it. Flat Lined, I gathered my bags, surrendered my ticket in hopes of her finding someone to go in my stead, and headed to the car. As we were at the front door her son popped his 12 year old head out from underneath the dining room table and said, "GO TO BED! YOU'VE BEEN TALKING ALLLLLLL NIGHT!" -seems he and a cousin were camped out there and had heard us "talking" all night. yikes.

I drove the hour and a half home in about two hours. I stopped three times to 'ralph' and breathe. My head was beginning to split open, fever, chills, and I seriously thought that Thor would have to come and drive me home, abandoning my vehicle (or his) until the resurrection...I was dying.

My last stop before home was a Pep Boys at 6:45, where I am sure the few cars driving by enjoyed the sight of me, red satin night shirt and jeans, hung over in half, crying and ralphing in the flower bed. Pretty. "Yup, she had a good time last night!"

I called to wake up Thor about ten minutes before I drove into the drive way, or front yard as it turned out, and went to bed. The next 10 hours were the same as the previous, on the half hour; until finally, it ended.

Sweet Mercy! That was one nasty 36 hours. I slept through Mother's Day. I was weak come Monday, but healthy enough to babysit the little guy again, and let me say I am SO GLAD that baby is easy. He was so sweet and just the best little boy.

I came home again for Wednesday to attend RS meetings and to gear up for the weekend's festivities. Thursday I meet with Chronicler who is making me tart shells to fill. (click on her link to see what I get to fill! YUM!)

Friday we'll cook pork loin, apple sauce, pineapples, dressing, and I'll make the tarts! Set up tables, decorate and prepare flowers. That night we'll serve and clean up; and then, I suspect, I will hit the mattress dead, or at least hoping to be!

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chronicler said...

One of my favorite things about you is that fact that you never do anything at less than 100%. Even getting the flu! I can only imagine that ride home. Ugh. I am glad you are feeling better now.

S'mee said...

ahh shucks sis! yeah, that's me! hehe.

maren said...

Yipes. I am glad you are feeling better now. I can't imagine how you managed to drive home while you were so sick.

I saw the tart shells on Food Chronicles. Tarts used to be my signature dessert. They look so good.

Rynell said...

Oh dear. I am so sorry you were sick.

Red said...

Oh you poor thing... sorry to hear you've been feeling like crap. Hope your feeling better.

You have such a busy schedule. Make sure your getting the rest your body needs.

S'mee said...

Maren, it was a very 'fuzzy' ride! You know? When you drive home and wonder who actually drove? hehe!

Thanks Rynell, better now! : )

Red, oy! yeah, let me tell you, sometimes there is nothing as nice as that pillow at night!

ERIN said...

oh my! you poor thing. i can't imagine trying to drive in that condition. i am glad that you are better now!

S'mee said...

thanks Erin!