Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This week has been a doozey, however I am pluggin' along. We had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday Sis and I headed out for the Bishop's storehouse for a scheduled trip. Normally when I go I am the only person there or with the few folks who carpool with me, it's a ghost town. Not so on Thursday. It was Toys Are Us on Christmas Eve. So we made our purchases, checked out a bag sealer and decided to do the work at home instead.

Thursday night found us in the San Diego area to attend a gathering of friends and family to tribute a woman who had suffered from Alzheimer's Disease for the past 10 years. She was a great lady, fun to be with, a social butterfly of her era, and it was sad to watch her slowly go through this horrid disease.

Years ago, at the onset of her illness, she made her wishes known for how things would go when she finally passed. Gather everyone, eat great food, chat with each other, show the scrapbook and a few slides, give each family a small flower to take home and plant in her memory. Folks were given the opportunity to speak about her influence, and many did. It was a joyous and glad celebration of someone who we will miss.

Friday was our ward Temple night...that was fabulous! We were also invited to a wedding, however we just did a very quick drop off and got in the car to drive to the temple. Cute couple and I am sure they were so starry eyed they didn't miss us a bit!

Saturday morning Thor set up tables and chairs for the funeral and I helped the gals with the luncheon for over 200. The funeral was moved from our building t a stake center to accommodate the family and friends who attended, and yes, they filled the hall and chapel. This man was very loved and his very premature death was a shock to everyone. His children wrote a beautiful song and performed it along with a slide presentation which brought tears to everyone's eyes. It was spectacular and impressive, amazing. The funeral was over 2 hours and by the time we fed the family and cleaned up, we didn't get home until almost three.

Sunday morning we headed out with some of our kids to meet with others and bless our new baby girl. We had such a great trip and seeing that tiny little child in a dress that was well over three feet long, well, oh my, she was beautiful! Daddy pronounced a sweet and humble blessing, we ate lunch and visited with Mogli and Rafiki. It was a really nice day! Serious fun.

Monday came and I needed to run around a bit, piecing together prices with items for an upcoming dinner. I had missionaries to feed, so I tried out a new recipe...yum! A pork loin roast stuffed with apple - pecan dressing, broccoli, and grilled pineapple. It was moist and tender and oh my heck. Two of the offspring came by so that made the meal even better.

This morning I went to a meeting with three other Stake RS Presidents and their counselors to discuss an upcoming event we are all involved in. Can I tell you? I think it is way cool that these four stakes are cooperating and working together- striving- to lift each other and stay connected. We all came from one original ward which became a stake and then divided into four over the last 20 years. Rarely when that happens do folks actually stay in touch, keep seeing each other and keep gleaning good things from each others. It is awesome that it is happening. We are gaining so much more than if we did this alone. I very much enjoy these women and their willingness to come together and make great goals that lead to success for not only the women in our small little hamlets, but families in and out of the church. We are working for everyone in the community.

Our major concern is self reliance for the church members, neighbors, and communities where we live. We are encouraging all to prepare their 72 hour kits, to prepare for three months of personal need and to educate themselves on as many levels as possible so that nothing comes as a surprise. Ahhhh! Being with these ladies inspires me.

Tomorrow I am off to another meeting with more sweet women; this time to discuss a dinner for 60 we have been asked to prepare and serve as a thank you. This is why I taste tested the pork loin earlier in the week...I think we have a winner of a menu.

Our situation is this: Our President is otherwise occupied with a grand baby that arrived 5 weeks ahead of schedule and another one due any minute, so she is flying all over to try and be in three places at once! One counselor went to Mexico with her hubby for an anniversary celebration and came back with a seriously bad "bug"...literal. She has been very ill for several days. Oh yes, and her eldest child is returning in a week or so from a mission. Our normally super human secretary has been driving hundreds of miles lately preparing for her husband's transplant (Thank You Heavenly Father!!! Things are rapidly coming through for this sweet man!). So although she makes herself available (which is a miracle, I mean really, I would beg off I think) she is riding a horrendous roller coaster and we need to be uber healthy around her.

Me? I am running down to my Sis's house to "can", then over to #1's to baby sit! (wahoooo! Oh yeah, did I tell you he reached for me? Yeah, someone else had him and he started to cry, looked around and saw me and reached for me! Can I tell you how great that was? Yes sirreee!) and then off to San Diego this weekend for Time Out For Women, which I have been waiting for forever! So although my week is busy, at least my business is fun!

Then Mother's Day.

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Boy Mom said...

As busy as I think I am your week makes me want to keep my rugrats right where they are forever.

The Hobbit said...

Oh my God ...I need to get it week equals one morning in your world...I'm pooped just reading about it. Lucky people who have you watching their back...we need more of you.

Red said...

Shoot... I don't know how ya do it. You talking about it makes me tired!

LeaAnne said...

Hey:) hope TOFW was great! You are one busy girl! (you should hop on their MB, but I don't know where you would find the time!)

BTW, went to do some dry pack Friday, NO Rice, Wheat, Flour, Pasta or Beans in our area! I hope that mean people are working on food storage and not just a crazy run on things.

S'mee said...

Thanks everyone! Sorry to reply so computer for the last little bit...but I'm back!