Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When smoke gets in your eyes

We made the trip into Vegas yesterday. What a day. I'll save that for another post... any who, it always hits me when I arrive at any hotel in this town that I am definitely a California girl.

As we head into the hotel the smell of smoke just permeates the air. While we were in line at check in on of Thor's business associates (From Oakland, CA) arrives. First thing out of his mouth after the initial greeting is, "Wow! I still can't get over all the smoke! My dry cleaning bills are always sky high when I come home from Vegas!" At dinner, another associate (Riverside, CA) brings up the fact that there is really no "smoking/non-smoking" section in restaurants, it's all the same after ten minutes.

Vermont is for Lovers. Nevada is for smokers. California is for whiners.

I went to bed with a small migraine and woke up with a sore throat. I'm a wuss. As a kid both parents smoked plenty. After they quit I guess I developed an allergy of sorts. So I'm in the shower and then heading out to fresher air.

Any ideas out there on how to avoid the smoke in a public place without causing a scene or making others feel as lousy as I do?

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maren said...

Yuck. I SO don't like smoke in public places (or any, for that matter). The worst I ever experienced was an actual smoking flight from Japan to Korea. Talk about there being no where you can go to get away from *that*.

Adán said...

Seems like the smokers deserve to be as miserable as all the sane peeps. That being said...take your choice: water balloons, or paintball.

S'mee said...

Maren, I cannot imagine being on a plane and having to deal with that. Holy Cow!

Adan, hehe they both sound great right about now!

Heidi said...

Just popping in to say how much I enjoyed receiving your Postcard Swap envelope!!


1stdaughter said...

Well, S'mee welcome to my own personal nightmare! Virginia is just like Vegas. People ask us why we don't go out to dinner more often and I will sometimes refer to our 11 month old, but to be honest I hate dealing with the "non (you are)" smoking section. I was praying that the bill to stop smoking in public places like restaurants would pass last week, but I can also hope springs eternal! It didn't pass.

I guess I am a true California whiner. At least we will be back there soon enough! Good luck and keep the excedrin handy!

S'mee said...

Heidi, Welcome! I am glad that you received your 'postcard'! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

1st Daughter, Between smoke and the serious lack of potty seat protectors...oh my! Hopefully you'll be home soon enough!