Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm no Super Man

O.k. This has been a busy few days, but in the mean time another post asking you to fill in the blanks.

If you could have any "power" (think superhero stuff, mind reader, predicting the future, etc.) what would you choose and why? What would you do with it?

Me? I would choose the ability to disintegrate calories with a single snap! I would be everyone's best friend and heck! I'd look great!

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The Pea said...

I think I would fly, I had a dream once that I could fly, it felt so real I have been chasing the feeling ever since. It may also come from a friend of Cristens who once wrote an essay that said if she could fly she would go to heaven to see her dad. I wonder what that would be like.

melissa c said...

What a good idea. I think the calorie thing would be great. I can't think of what I would do.

I thought about being able to heal illnesses in a snap but I think we learn so much more because of those hardships.

I thought about being able to conjure up food instantly and feed the world but I would gain too much weight! I would probably conjure up Italian cream cheese cake too often!

Who wouldn't want to fly? I don't know! Now this question is going to haunt me for days!!!!!

chronicler said...

hmmmm, since you've already made me skinny... I'd love to have superhero powers to help people believe in themselves. I think we could all use a good dose of self confidence, even skinny people.

1stdaughter said...

Wow! U love your idea...I would have never thought of that, but man...sounds good. Me...I would go with the flying thing too. I can always tell when I am content with my life, because I fly in my dreams, its the best feeling ever.

Adán said...

Hmm... I choose smashing cars with my mind, and a t-shirt/bumper sticker that reads "four way stop enforcer".