Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Not sure why, but I have had blogger's block lately. That and nothing cool to say when I visit other folk's blogs! But today was cool, so I'll blog about that.

Actually the last few days were cool, but busy so there you go.

Father in law's 80th b-day was Saturday and so there was the surprise family party at the house. Pretty much everyone came. We missed the youngest of the siblings due to a very pregnant wife and sick little ones and the fact they live out of state and the drive would have done in the best of parents. All forgiven there. Dad was surprised and everyone had a terrific time. One of the brother in laws made enough food to feed a small army, which is good because when this family gets together there is a small army! He had steak , chicken, casseroles and a bunch of side dishes...the guy's is a great cook; and crazy.

At the end of the evening before everyone went home we all gathered in the living room (well as many as could fit...some stood in the hallway and spilled out into the family room). Starting with the eldest sibling we all took turns telling dad a favorite memory and why we love him. It was a pretty good tear inducing ceremony, but in the end very sweet. He's a really great guy. Thor pointed out on the way home that you could see each person's personality by the view they had of dad and the experience they chose to share..it was insightful and cool.

After most every had gone home I had the opportunity to sit with my niece and talk about her life. She is the youngest in her family. She also has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. What she described as her 'normal' life was at the same time both frightening and courageous. I admired her for being so blunt and honest with me as she talked of how long she endured this mental illness alone and how she and her husband go through everyday life. I am glad that I can talk with her about things. I feel much closer to her and I have a totally new view of her than I did ever before. She has a lot of wisdom in regard to her personal situation for someone so young.

I also had the opportunity to go with Chronicler on Friday to Ontario and sit in on two bread making classes offered by 'King Arthur Flour'. I learned so much in those two sessions. About gluten, steam, proteins, what it means to have "bleached, enriched and bromated" flours; and I refuse to buy a flour that has been any of things ever again! It is alarming! Don't get me started on genetic altered foods... e-freaking-gads! I have a peaked interest in making bread again and hope to pop out a few good loaves soon. Spending the day with Chronicler is always good for a lot of laughing and good for incite in things that I have no clue about!

Today Thor and I had a trip to Anaheim for an annual pilgrimage. It was the most beautiful day, and I am sad to report to any one not from SoCAL, it was in the mid 80s!!! Yup, I actually came home tonight with a sweet sun kissed face! Woooohooo!

I also wish to report that the Haunted Mansion has some new, or rather old, ideas in place. Originally, waaaay back in the day, the idea was to have a story about a bride who murders her husband on their wedding day. Considered too gruesome or whatever, the idea was sacked and put on the back burner; until this year. The ride begins as usual and then after the initial cruise past the hallway with the floating candelabra, you begin to see scenes of bridal preparations, photos of the happy couple in their wedding attire, only the groom loses his head in Haunted Mansion portrait morphing style! Their is also a full sized bride with an axe and commentary! Another cool surprise is the famous talking head of the medium at the seance... this go round the entire sphere her head is in floats over the table in a circling-bobbing motion! OooOOooohh! If you can take your eyes of the medium, on the wall behind her is a very large ghoul, illuminated in the shadows. Hidden in the graveyard are new ghosts and ghouls, and one particularly creepy one in a crypt just before the ride ends. eeeeeeeeeeek! I love this ride!

The Pirates of the Caribbean also had one surprise since the last time I was there just a few months ago. I am not sure if this is new or just a new to me experience because we sat in the very front seat of the boat. However, as we passed between the pirate ship and the port's fortified walls, a canon went off and we were "hit" with a blast of air that felt like the cannon ball flew right by our faces! That was cool!

Finally we "killed the cat", and then ate it. We finally booked reservations at the Blue Bayou. The hoity toity restaurant at the Pirates ride. We have tried for years and never have been able to get in. Today was the day. Hmm. Good food (read "good" not "WOW"), but certainly not for the money, the hype or the ambiance. I had a pork chop, that was tasty, mainly from the tart diced apples on the top, tough and hard to cut. Thor had the beef ribs, very tender and tasty, but more bone than meat...I guess that's ribs though. Both of us had the scalloped potatoes (over peppered) and veggies (carrots - good, leeks(?) and squash...not so much). The rolls we had were similar in every way to those one would get at the local grocer's, not close to home made, but with real butter. The service was great and the surroundings were also.

We came home tired and happy and sunkissed! All in all a great day.

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chronicler said...

I am glad you had a good day. hippo birdies and all that! The blast of cool air has been around quite some time, welcome to the front of the boat! I would love to go see the mansion now it's in its best state.

Friday was fun and informative. Thanks, sis.

The Pea said...

I got a shiver just thinking of that 80 degree SoCal weather. I wish I could have beamed in for two minutes to be with you, warm and breezy, I could use a hug in the warm air.
I have not been to Disneyland (or California) since I got married (5 years ago). I can't wait to see it again, we are hoping to go not this coming Oct. but the next. We have been saying that for a long time now. mabye it will come true for me somtime. I miss it so much. There is somthing about Cal. that brings me home.
I am glad you had such a fun time.

grettir said...

We're off to Disneyland this next week, so I can't wait to see the new stuff!