Friday, February 09, 2007

Joys of NEW blogger

Since I have switched over to the new and improved blogger, my blogging has stunk! One reason for this is the "new and improved" ain't so much.

For instance, the comments. Like many of you, I despise the comment verification. YIKES. So I thought why not just disengage it so the four people who visit here and make comments don't have to go through all the decoding and button clicking. Done. Check.

Well I also have a really cool bloggy thing that informs me when a new comment has been made on my blog. They send it straight to my mail box, I click and read, follow the link and then viola! I can reply to the comment.

Since disengaging the comment verification I have had an incredible amount of comments on past posts, ones from like a year ago, all informing me: "that post was really cool but having a larger p*&%s is cooler!" or "I love the way you write, but I would love you better with larger b*&#s!" Are they kidding? Obviously they have never met me in person.

Now I am faced with the dilemma of continuous e-mails from concerned for my intimate personal life commenters or making the real commenters decode all the stupid word verifications. I am going nuts. I hate blogger sometimes.

And have you noticed the lack of photos or links since the change over. Yeah, me too. I know there is that thing that you can cut and paste, but frankly, it is harder for the technologically challenged to do it on this new system. Yeah. ugh. I'm not a geek? Somehow that worked in my head.

Then my Flickr! account decided I was at the limit. grrr. I need to make a new account or pay for a pro account. I am cheap. No pro account for me.

I am hoping to figure this out soon, until then, keep hanging in there with me.

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Devilbluedress said...

Perfect! Someone else that hates blogger. It's a hobby of mine that I've developed...

Sarah said...

You could try switching to using Haloscan comments instead - it does require a little bit of "code work" but I've noticed a lot of blogger people use it. I tried to switch to it, but the transition was a little messy so I'm just sticking with new blogger.

Word verification is a tad annoying, but I don't ever let it stop me from commenting on anyone's post. It's better than having to read all the spam - I vote you just put it back on and let your valiant readers prove their love by some extra effort :)

chronicler said...

Yeah what Sarah said.

Lisa said...


Don't ya love Sarah.

Oh S'mee, I'll always comment, even if I have to type in...


and then again, when I goof-



Jewel said...

I haven't change yet I have been trying to stay with the old, but I am sure I will have to change soon.

I so hate changes

The Pea said...

I with everyone else, I don't mind the verification... Especially if it keeps you from getting any freaks coming at you!!!

melissa c said...

There is NOTHING more frustrating to me than to sit at the computer trying to fix something! It winds me up so tight that I think I will EXPLODE! I hate it!

Good luck to you! you have my prayers!

Maren said...

It sounds like you have been having fun lately with birthday parties and Disneyland trips. I love your reviews of the rides, restaurants, etc. And yes, am envious of the weather. Our storm and snowed in status seems to have passed. Now just waiting for Jeff to come back from Atlanta tomorrow. I'm amazed that I made it through this week, weather and all, without him. Good sign, I would think.

I don't mind typing in the comment verification. I hate the comment spam, so that's why I have it on my blog.

Have a great day!