Thursday, February 01, 2007

the 6 Weird Things Meme

Not that you don't know all about my period teeth and cankles, my dual personality, and the fact that I am, frankly, nuts to begin with; I have been tagged by Kim (sidebar at one of my favorite sites: "Something to say") for a new meme: 6 Weird Things About Me

So here goes, more stuff, gory details if you will, 6 weird things about s'mee:

1. Thor and I have matching (size and shape) birthmarks on our hands that, if we hold hands, match up exactly.
(yup, we were meant to be! sigh)

2. I can repeat what someone is saying to me so fast that it seems like we are saying the same thing at the same time. I learned this from my brother who could also do this. (file under stupid human tricks)

3. I have never drank alcohol. Never smoked, or "done drugs". Never even tried it. (although the idea of "dropping acid" appealed to the artist in me...wondered about the colours and such...but never did.)

4. I have more "junk" jewelry than anyone I know. I worry about diamonds being "blood" diamonds or that the industry is artificially inflated. That doesn't mean that I don't like the way they sparkle...which explains the extensive CZ collection. there's a "jewel" I can get behind....

5. I collect pearls. I have about 40+ loose pearls. I keep them in a little satin pouch and bring them out every once in a while just to play with them in my hands. I will never put them in a setting, I like the way they roll around in my hand. They make me happy.

6. If I am talking with you 'Mary' and call you by someone else's name, 'Linda', that means I need to call 'Linda' as soon as possible. I have learned to listen to myself and call Linda right away. Every time I do this the person I named by accident has had some "thing" in their life that I could either help them with or at least allow them to talk with someone to ease a burden, or fill a need, and sometimes it has been to receive bad news immediately after it happens. The times I blow it off and don't call I have later regretted. It happens all the time and always with the same results. So if you and I are chatting and I call you by the wrong name, you can bet I will be making a call to that person soon. (insert Twilight Zone music here.)

So there you are, even more info to put in your S'mee file. I would like to tag Chronicler, cuz heck now, if I am weird she must be also. Also on my weird list I would like to tag Dave at the Whole Note, The First Daughter, The Youngest one, and Pea. Pretty much everyone else on my blog roll has done this, but if I have neglected you please have fun with it also!

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The Pea said...

I am with you on the pearls!!!!!

chronicler said...

Maybe I am wierd because none of that seems all that wierd. ;-D

I do like the fact that the twighlight zone music plays in the background when you need to call a friend. ;-)

Kim Carney said...

1. the birthmark coincidence is weird, wonderful and almost unbelievable, might have to see photos on that ‘;)
2. the repeating trick, not sure I see to many others who can do that
3. good for you! Wish I could say the same
4. together we could open the junk jewelry store
5. I love the idea of cool, round pearls in the hand
6. Weird and you have ESP ;)

I am just catching up with my blog roll reading (don’t tell anyone, at work ;0
Hope all is well with you ;), ok I am off to read chronicler's 6 weird things

Lisa M. said...

Yup, it is offical, you're weird.

But ...


Sarah said...

I wish I could hear you doing that repeating thing - I like to do that to my two year old to freak her out but I'm nowhere near as good as you apparently! I love that you collect loose pearls.