Monday, February 27, 2006

Puzzling Project

Another quick project: puzzles for the Little Man. A while back Chronicler and I were in Utah and she took me to a large craft warehouse and I purchased these wood blocks, hoping to find some time later on and make puzzles for the baby boy. Well, Mommy tells me that the Little Man is doing very well with his potty training (Yes!). So Gramma promised a treat if he did well here at our house. In anticipation of greatness, I pulled out the blocks and began to make my puzzles.

The first set (larger and on the right) were actual photos of him with various characters at Disneyland. I just measured the blocks and then cut the photo to size. Lightly sanding the wood and the back side of the photo paper helped to make the white glue adhere to the wood with a tight seal. Six photos later and a finish coat of more white glue and the large puzzle was done. One problem: all the backgrounds at Disneyland made for a difficult to complete puzzle.

Set two. I used the smaller blocks and just coloured them the primary and secondary colours with permanent markers. I sealed the ink with the white glue and viola!

I still wanted a puzzle with the Little Man as the theme, so I went back to the computer and loaded more photos onto regular paper. This made a huge difference with the clarity of the photos after the glue sealant. (no sanding neccesary either!) I also made sure that in this group of pictures they all had contrasting backgrounds. Success! I have more blocks waiting and think I will try to make some scripture themed puzzles for quiet time during church or family night.

Now all I need to do is hope they come over soon and I will have all kinds of juice, lemonade, and kool-ade to encourage more success!

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Lisa M. said...

All good things are bought in Utah.


Okay, so not really, BUT good things can be bought in Utah.

They are beautiful S'mee. That is awesome.

I bet the boy will love them.

chronicler said...

Way cute! You are so creative!

Lisa M. said...

Okay tell me again how you do the glue glaze? Do you thin it down?

I have two new pen pals, I thought this might be something I could send easily through the mail.


s'mee said...

Lisa, o.k. this is embarrassing! This was a typical "s'mee project" meaning, I made it up. But what I did it EASY. I just smeared white glue (dot dot not a lot) on top of the wood, kind of wiped it almost all off and then placed the paper photo, pressing it down and smoothing it out. Then I added one more drop on top of that -straight from the bottle- and smeared that drop all over the paper photo to seal it. All of this done btw with my fingers, because hey, why mess up a perfectly good brush? I let it dry on one side for about 20 minutes and did another side, yada yada yada till all six sides were finished. Not high tech, but it worked... kind of like really cheap decoupage. I think these would be fine to send through the mail. Biggest deal? -making sure the backgrounds are contrasting enough to make the puzzle easy to put back together. Have fun! Write or call s'mee if you need more detailed help. : )

s'mee said...

p.s. Lisa, Thor said, "I guess you could go out to the shed and grab a can of spray finish and do them all at once." um, yeah, but then I would have to go out to the :0

Lisa M. said...

Thank you thank you . *grin* Thor... should go to the dang shed for ya. *chuckle* but I think there is something very fun about a hands on project!