Sunday, February 19, 2006


Ahhhh... (insert a big happy face gazing off into the sunset).

Cheeseburgers. Now that the surgery is over and food has begun to have an actual taste again I was DELIGHTED to see the post over at Chubby Hubby on cheeseburgers; and which one is best. (scroll down, please) His home made number looks amazing and it made me hungry for one of my favorite burgers...

I bring you In-N-Out. If you live in SOCal this is a pretty good chain burger. Always fresh (never frozen) beef, hand leafed lettuce and fresh cut potatoes for fries, In-N-Out is consistently good. They also have shakes and a "secret menu" that's not so secret, but never printed. Number four in my ranking.

hawaii -05
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Next on my favorites list would be Cheeseburger Waikiki. Number three brings us to inspired culinary genius... 2 chicks from SOCal who bummed money from a rich uncle, moved to paradise and found out they left all the good burgers on the mainland. What to do? Bum some more money and make your own. Now the girls are grown women who own a chain of "Cheeseburger" restaurants in places all over the U.S. (according to the menu, saving cities everywhere from lousy burgers). This burger, besides being in Waikiki, is pretty good for it's juicy yummyness (yes, that is a word). Hot, fresh, juicy, a great combination on the sauce, served with onion rings -which were terrific, although I prefer a thinner slice, and also a fresh piece of pineapple. Yum.

T.G.I. Friday's Gas Lamp District, San Diego, CA. is next on my list. Why oh WHY can not the other TGIFridays get it the same way? Who knows, but this fresh ground sirloin is amazingly good. Hot, juicy, and larger enough for two is very tasty and ranks in second on my burger hit parade. Thor and I actually make sabbaticals down to SD just to eat this beauty a couple times a year. This is a burger where the meat is the true star. It is served sans condiments, lettuce, onion, and tomato only. Admittedly I always ask for a little mayo and ketchup, not usually offered on the burger, but the meat is SO good, who cares if the secret sauce is lacking and you need to make your own?

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Here we are at number one in my book: Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Kailua, Oahu. Trust me it is worth the plane fare and the wait. They actually have signs up telling you to just chill and relax, they are hand making your burger and when it is ready.... oh momma! This is my burger. It was so hot, juicy, tasty and I am not sure exactly what was in the sauce, but it was perfection in combination to the ground beef. I needed several napkins, and wanted another burger one as soon as I finished the first, I just couldn't have eaten it! This baby is huge and wonderful and you want to dance barefoot in the basket as you sing the praises of burgerdom! YumboColumbo this is paradise! Served with fries or onion rings - also terrific and a superb shake or malt!

O.k. Now it's your turn. Where is your favorite burger joint? Why is it good and tell us all the gory details! This is your bragging time, let the games begin!

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chronicler said...

Right now it's In-n-Out, animal style. We used to have Cris' Juicy burger but Mike retired and sold to people who just can't seem to do it the same way he did. Kindof like your TGIF burgers.

Best In-n-Out place? Off Sahara Blvd to the west in Las Vegas. It's the reason to stop in that town, ever.

Chubby Hubby said...

What a great list. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try Teddy's one day. Just one more reason for a vacation in Hawaii.

Lisa M. said...

You SoCal gals are spoiled. The closest InandOut is in Mesquite, NV about 8 hours away from me. *Frown*

BUT, I have tried them, and they are spectacular.

I am a cheeseburger kind of gal. (shocker, isn't it?) *laughing* And I am picky.

There is a little Mom and Pop place here that makes a mean cheeseburger. Don't love the bacon on it, but when it is added, it is a thick well cooked but not burned pepper bacon that is very tastey. (They also make a super BLT).

It is called "Peach City" ( after all, Brigham City, UT is the peach capital of.. well.. of the county!) and is fairly decent.

Maddox drive in,(Perry, UT) also has a VERY tastey cheese burger. My fav. Melted cheese, tomato, crisp lettuce, onion if you like, either grilled or raw, pickles... the whole deal. Comes with fries in a basket.

Ironically, BOTH places are car hop fifty style but here never really went out of style type places.

Another tastey spot is Pace's Dairy Ann in Bountiful. Super burger.

Geez its almost one am, and here I am craving.

Glad to hear you are doing okay S'mee.


s'mee said...

Chronicler -yup I agree, fill up with gas at Costco, head to the In-N-Out and back on the road!

ChubbyHubby - Hey mister! You're the one who got this all started! haha! When you head out to Oahu, give me a call and I'll sneak in the ol' suitcase just for one of the burgers!

Now I want a burger and it's only 8 a.m. sigh...

Lisa, Your descriptions make me want to hang out with you for a couple of days in of all places - UTAHHHHH! You're right, I am a spoiled SoCAl girl and Utah is a fun place to visit, so next time I also have a good place to pick up a good burger! Thanks!