Sunday, March 05, 2006


Jewel on the Cryptic Lady's Couch Tagged me! THANKS!!! (i love this stuff) Here it GOES!

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life:
1. Door to door saleman for both Current Cards (first actual money/check getting job -as a 10 year old) and Mason Shoes, which trust me, as a ten year old, this was a tough job, but I actually made some money.
2. Manager for a Sanrio Surprises! Store (Hello Kitty! One of the most fun jobs I have had)
3. not quite like this guy but definitely a Wedding Gopher (Best friend owned a Bridal Consulting/Wedding Planner business and I did everything from decorating cakes to designing sets for theme weddings, catering to floral designs...yikes, one of the hardest most time consuming jobs...ever!)
4. ASLTeaching-Instructional Aide/Main-Stream interpreter for the hearing impaired K-12

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over
1. A&E Pride and Prejudice (at least once a month or we're just not living)
2. The Princess Bride
3. Chocolat and Dark Chocolate!
4. Life is Beautiful (Italian version with English sub-titles)

Four Places I've Lived (understanding that S'mee and siblings moved about 20+ times before I graduated from High School, sometimes two and three times a year. This list could go on forever....)
1. San Diego, CA, and especially this part of it.
2. Hemet, CA (don't know where this is??? ask a gramma or grampa, they can tell you)
3. Carlsbad, CA
4. Oceanside, CA

Four TV shows you love to watch
1. No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
2. Samantha Brown Great Hotels/Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown
3. Sugar Rush with Warren Brown
4. pretty much anything on Public Television

Four Websites you visit daily
1. My sis Chronicler's two sites:Food and Cooper
2. eye candy
3. more eye candy
4. yet even more...eye candy
---they just inspire and make me happy everyday!

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Chocolate (you are what you eat)
2. Yum!Steamed Salmon with Creamed Peas
3. Gramma's recipes for: goulash, oatmeal, cocoa with toast, pork chops, chocolate mayo cake, lemon coconut cake, date cake and date cookies
4. a really great juicy Teddy's cheeseburger with a terrific side salad made with euro greens, add onion rings, plus a killer malt (with crunchy tiny bits of actual malt) and I am a happy girl.

Four Places I'd rather be right now (know that all these require the presence of Thor or I would just as soon stay where I am at!)
1. any clean warm beach
2. Hawaii!
3. Alaska!
4. Tahiti!

Four folks to pass this on to:
1. Big Dave B. over at The Whole Note (he is much more formal, "David B.", but frankly, if he were in my circle of "real" life friends, I am sure after about two weeks he'd be "Big Dave".)
2. Holli Jo otherwise know as Mrs. Ronk
3. Chubby Hubby you gotta check this cook out!
4. Susan from Strange Pulse!

Hey thanks for reading! Thanks to those who will (hopefully) participate! I am kind of curious to see what these interesting and completely different folks have to say!

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Lisa M. said...

You sold current cards? I loved current cards. I am sure they are still around, but now a days I make them own or I force someone (*wink @ Maren*) to make them for me.

I think working in the bridal industry is also very hard! Yipes. I worked at a flower shop for a stint. Learned a lot but was exhausted!

I need to know ASL. *frown*

I loved Chocolat.

I love the links.

Thank you for sharing!

How ya feeling?

s'mee said...

Lisa, yup, 'current' -the can get them on line if you click the link in the post; but I, like you, make my own or usually forget to send a card...yikes.

Feelings....nothing more, than, feelings...well actually I am feeling wonderful, I highly recommend this to anyone! Only one little set back with one of the incisions, but it should be fine soon. I'm still a tad weak and I get tired easily, but they say that's normal also, so NO complaints! I'm am so excited to not have the leg pain anymore and there are a few other noticable positives it's all good! Thanks for asking, you're sweet...sure wish you lived closer!

David B. said...

Hi S'mee, this is Big Dave! It's alright with me if you call me Big Dave. In fact, if you saw me in person, the name would fit rather well.

You got to see sneak preview of my post on the "Four Things". I thought I had clicked "Save", but I must have hit "Publish" instead. I have added a little more material, and some more links to the post (plus I have proofread it now too!).

I admire your knowledge of ASL. ASL may well be in my future. My dad has lost most of his hearing. I have others in the family that are hearing impaired. I have about a 50% hearing loss in one ear, and I hope my good ear holds out for me.

I've never seen the Princess Bride, but I'm sure my daughter would love it. Maybe we'll have to rent the DVD sometime.

I love your eye candy sites.

Also, I'm glad to hear that your recovery is going well, and that you are already feeling better than you did before the surgery. That's always a good sign!

s'mee said...

(See, now it will shrink even more)
Hey Big D! (must be that SoCAL home-y thing...yo!) I'll have to go back and check out your additions. I went and read the End of Times, it was hilarious, looking forward to more of that!

I actually learned ASL a variety of ways. First through some 'book learnin' of my own, then via Sister Missionaries for the deaf in our area looking for folks to help out with fellowshipping, then from the deaf themselves...a good way to learn. Somewhat the way Missionaries are taught, I got a huge amount of vocab every day for about six weeks then BAM! into deaf culture/total immersion. Crazy, but effective. Try it! The whole deafness thing is a drag, but if you need to loss one of your senses this would be the one, most folks are pretty accomodating and it's fairly easy to "make up" for the loss if you try. Good luck and stay away from loud noises (i.e. don't go into the kids' rooms during homework).

AWE< Princess Bride! Probably one of THE best movies. Here in SoCAL it is a MUST if you are LDS. There are way too many "quote" opportunities, not seeing the movie would be "inconceivable!". You MUST go out tomorrow and get this dvd and then actually watch it with the kids and wife. I guarentee you will LOVE it. Way to good, plus a grampa 'reads' the movie to his reluctant (at first) sick grandson)- it's AWESOME!

I am a sucker for the photo sites...I have others that I look at occationally, personal photographers who document trips, or themes, really great talents. Good stuff. Makes my day to see such beauty and cretivity. Then I pop into the blogrolls!

Thanks for the recovery wishes, you're a good guy! See you soon!

holli jo said...

Thanks for the tag, S'mee! I finally filled it out.

Jewel said...

Thank you fro visiting my blog and for accepting the tag. Sorry I haven't stopped by, its because of to muc h work and not enough play. Have a great day and stop by again soon