Friday, March 10, 2006

AB 539

Hey folks, I am asking for a huge favor...
According to AB 539, the state of California is supposed to provide the state boards required for licensing dental hygienists every March, the next one being in 2007. The congress and other officials have decide to just blow this law off and thus make all the graduating students wait an addition 6 months and pay extra fees to take the boards.

This means that instead of being able to go directly to work and pay off student loans they will NOT be legally available. How would you like to work through school, graduate and then not be able to work just because the government wants you to wait - illegally breaking a law that regulates the tests that will get you to work? How would you begin to pay back those student loans on time?

These students need your help.

If you agree that this is unfair and would like to try to influence these congress would you please send s'mee an e-mail? All you need to do is send an e-mail with your first and last name and address, and I will place it on a letter and send it off for you. THANKS!!! If you want to read the letter before you agree to have your signature placed, write requesting a copy and I will send it to you asap!

If this can happen in CA it can happen anywhere. Let's stop this if we can. THANKS!

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David B. said...

Do you have to be a CA resident to participate?

s'mee said...

David, from what I understand, because the students come from all over the states, the support for the students does as well, thus meaning, "Hey you mess with my student and we will take them to another state! You want my money? Give my kid the test when you promised." so, if you can help please do.

Thanks SO much.

chronicler said...


Lisa M. said...

Done, done, done.

Anything else MaDam?


Anonymous said...

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