Thursday, January 07, 2010

Redlands (LDS) Temple during the day!

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The1stdaughter said...

These are so beautiful! I love the one looking through the gate.

Way to go on the cheat sheet by the way! I still need to put mine together. Ugh.

Boy Mom said...


S'mee said...

Thanks #1, means a lot coming from such talent! You should have seen your petite little aunt crawling into trees and bushes, poking her head into a rose bush (you can only imagine where my tush was at that point), and generally making a fool of myself. lovely. : I

Boy Mom, you're always too sweet. Thanks.

L.Larson said...

ok...these are crisp and stunning of our dear house of the lord. GREAT job...with that camera you know SO well...mine just doesn't want to co-operate half the time! could it be the operator of it? Thanks for sharing your life with us that know you WELL!!
love, Lisa