Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to reality

Thor and The Scholar are making their way back to Durham. The Scholar had come home for Christmas, partially to celebrate, but also to pick up a car so that her life can be a tad easier out at Duke. Oy.

First, her choices were between "hmmm" and "are you sure?". One car works fabulously, is older, had good gas mileage, non working odometer (so who knows how many actual miles the car has on its engine?), and is made from a now defunct car company, so parts and mechanics will be sketchy. The other is a small truck with a shell, less efficient mileage, tougher to get into in a dress, and probably more expensive to repair if that deems necessary. She chose the truck because if she needed a $500 repair and eventually wanted to sell the truck it would still be worth about $3,500. The car? It, no matter how much money you throw at it, will always be a $350 car.

So they head out for the cross continental drive late Saturday. They made good time the first day, slept in the cab because, as privious travelors had found, there was no room in the Inns along the way. Day two brought a place to sleep, however The Scholar dislodged tooth cap! Calls were made and suggestions given until a "real" dental appointment could be had, and off they rode again.

They made Shreveport last night and reluntently stopped early to stay the night. Once in the room they heard report after report about black ice and sheet ice on the roads and many road hazards and accidents. So they hunkered down and stayed warm until the roads cleared. They have been advised to get off the road once the sun goes down again, so today Atlanta is the goal, well that and "eating on the right side of my mouth because the temporary glue set before the tooth was completely it's higher than the other teeth. Bummer."

Me? I am (procrastinating on the computer until I really get to) putting away the Christmas decorations. This year there were 26 trees, 17 of which were decorated with actual ornaments that need to be taken off. Wish me determination and stamina.

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Robyn said...

I guess not being in the mood to decorate has its benefits. My tree and accompanying acoutrements is packed away waiting for the 2010 season. sigh.

Wow, what a trip! Hopefully they'll get there soon and all will be well with the tooth and the scholar!

Glad you're back!

S'mee said...

Ah yes, it is a double edged sword all those trees. : (
Oh well, it's worth it.

As far as the trip, they made it, they're freezing in that storm, and the tooth...still waiting. However misery loves company and the other day after lunch I was flossing and flossed chips right out of my tooth. Doc told me "Well, "adult teeth become hard and brittle, this happens." Some comfort I was politely told I am old and brittle and thank you for the $$$ it will take to crown this beauty. : P