Saturday, January 09, 2010

Livin' the Wild Life

I was just leaving the temple, the sun was going down and the wonderful mid 70s warmth was swiftly lowering. The shadows were getting long and dark and the light through the grove was dim. However, as I passed the deep green trees the bright orange balls of fruit caught my eye. There were ripe oranges in the foliage and over ripe oranges on the soft gray and brown earth. The contrast drew me in... and then I saw him/her. A sweet(?) little coyote snacking on the sweet juice and pulp on the ground. She was just 10 or so feet from the road and -whoosh!- I drove by. (In the video you can see the light gray rock curb and the cars and trucks driving by! She's right on the curb!)

I pulled a quick u-turn and grabbed my camera. No light, no getting out and setting up my tripod, just shut off the engine and shoot. Most of the frames I got were so dark I had to bring out the light in a "photo shop" type of program, bleh! I hate hate hate photo shop-ing my shots, but if I wanted to see the dog, I needed to. I took this little video hoping to get a glimpse of something cool.

It's not NatGeo, but it sure was fun to see this wild little beast enjoying his visit into the grove. Enjoy.

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Boy Mom said...

So amazing, I'll have to ask our new family member if he'd like to have an orange.

The boys got a dog for Christmas.

Remember the handmade item I was supposed to get you by the end of the year? It's almost done I need your address. You can e-mail it too me at