Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Weirdness

Oh readers. What can I say? Things have been weird lately.

Being the Bishop's wife has changed my life much, and not much all the same. Thor has always been away from home a lot (in my opinion!) and things there haven't changed much other than the location of his body. Most nights he will get in about 9-ish. As for me, I have discovered that, for some reason, there isn't much I want to comment on, write about, share on the blog. I am trying to get rid of the block, but I think it may be stuck fairly well!

On the whole life is good. A few bumps in the road, some trials to learn from, some blessings in store. I am burdened a bit from things outside of our control; -that is life at times. I am trying to continue on in hope and trust in the Lord to bring us around as usual, just taking time.

I am working on a few projects which I hope to post on soon.

My awesome son, The Electrician, built me bookcases while Thor was in Washington D.C. recently. (did I already write about that?) They look and feel as though they were built right into the house, they look perfect to me. He had to raise them high enough to match the three inch base boards, and then wrapped crown molding around the top to cap them off perfectly. There about 7,200 nails and or screws that secure them to the an earthquake this is the new place to stand for security...they aren't going anywhere! All in all I still need -probably- two more book cases! We have too many books if that is at all possible. I can't justify throwing out a good book, so orphan books are always welcome to find a home here. I have more children's books than I thought I did, and man, there a lot of them! The Scholar has asked that we house her books while she is away at Duke, so inevitably there will be a need to install more book cases. I took a gander in her back seat where she has stashed "just a few of them...more to come next trip." I think she could use a tall case or two all by herself. Good literature, lots of things to keep her mother reading and, eventually, well read, while she is away learning. ( I just finished "In Cold Blood"-Truman Capote, and 1/2 through "Mrs. Dalloway" -Virginia Woolf)

I listened to "1000 Splendid Suns" I feel strongly about this book and don't really know how to process the feelings that came as I listened to the story unfold. If you have not read it, I suggest it to you. Block out a day or so, you won't easily put the book down. If you enjoyed "Reading Lolita in Tehran", you will find this book as interesting.

This is my main problem with reading. Once I find interest int he book I can't put it down until it has been exhausted, completed, finished and pondered. Reading messes with a schedule!

I have a huge blank canvas that stares at me from the front room wall, waiting impatiently for paint. I, on the other hand, am waiting impatiently for a muse to inspire me as to what to put on it.

We had a "service auction" at Enrichment Night the other day. It was fabulous fun. I offered to paint wood letter names or paint a name or small phrase onto a wall or furniture. In return I was offered a free ride to the nearest temple with three of my friends. I love that I ended up with this awesome service, it's the perfect day waiting to happen!

I also had a great time recently working at the Home Craft center tying quilts to be given away to those who need them. We had a blast sitting there, laughing, chatting and tying for a few hours. I plan on doing that again soon. Any takers? You can go to the Home Craft in Colton, CA every Monday through Wednesday, 9-12:00, and volunteer also!

I am making flower petals by cutting French Ribbon into small circles and ovals and burning the edges with a candle's flame...they are turning out better than hoped for and will end up (cross yer fingers!) as gorgeous additions to headbands for the women and girls in my life.

I also finished patterning (is that a word?) tiny wood blocks to make a 'puzzle' for lack of the correct description. Something I borrowed from an artist I admire on line...we'll see how that project turns out as well. I just need to spray them all (several dozen) with sealer so they stay pretty.

An out of town friend has called me and set up a visit...looking forward to that short brief but welcomed visit!

And took a long weekend up at the BY-U. My legs, knees and feet especially have puffed up quite weirdly due to the 'too many days in the car' routine I have inflicted upon them lately. Walking up and down staircases has also caused some agitation to the ol' knees, so I am wonky and wobbly and feeling lame...literally and figuratively! A few days more of driving around doing errands and then a day or two to be lazy and I'll be back to my weirdo self.

Well, that should catch everyone up (sort of) for now. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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Lisa M. said...

I can imagine that life feels weird. What a road is in store for you & Thor.

Good luck with that.

I love the petals. They are amazing. I also love the book case. How very neat!

We have much going on here too. So many new things on the horizon.

I'm glad for the catch up.

S'mee said...

Lisa you *do* have new things at your house! Graduates, toothless people who giggle a lot!, and writing that book! (one can hope)'s always so good to hear from you!

Kim N said...

I read "1000 Splendid Suns" about a month ago and I still can't stop thinking about it. I loved loved loved it and was sad when it was over. My husband probably got really tired of me talking about it because it was on my mind so much while I was reading it. I liked "Kite Runner" too, but "1000 Splendid Suns" was even better.

S'mee said...

Kim! Welcome! I hope to read The Kite Runner soon...on that list... I've heard nothing but good about it.Have you read "Reading Lolita in Tehran?" Pretty good as well.

Thanks for stopping by! : )

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Glad you are hanging in there -- I have been thinking about you.

I have a whole new appreciation for the bishop since my hubby has been in the bishopric... I can't believe all they do.

Have a happy day!

S'mee said...

Thanks Kathy, that's awesome! : )

Yolanda said...

"On the whole life is good. A few bumps in the road, some trials to learn from, some blessings in store. I am burdened a bit from things outside of our control; -that is life at times. I am trying to continue on in hope and trust in the Lord to bring us around as usual, just taking time."


S'mee said...

Oh Yo! Hugs sweet friend, hugs.

The Pea said...

Smee, I miss you! How Weird life is is right! You have no idea what the Lord holds in store for you untill he slaps you in the face with it! I do miss you oh so much! I am heading the the library, to snuggle up with "you" in a good book!
I hope things smooth out for you soon!!

The Hobbit said...

For someone who can't think of something to write about you sure have a lot going on.Miss ya but,understand your time needs to be used by others too.

S'mee said...

Thanks Hobbit, yea, weird, really weird lately! : )