Friday, March 20, 2009

New Blog News! Get in on the Conversation!

O.k. folks, listen up! The Hygienist has a new blog up:
I love smiling! Smilings my favorite!

It's filled with all kinds of great information on daily oral health. I know I know, but hey can't we all brush up on new things? I found out something new...I am sorely lacking in the rinse department, ack! Noted and changed! (feeling rather embarrassed right now)

She'll be discussing all things dental! Well as they pertain to her specialty: hygiene. Got a question, ask away! She's a smart cookie and can probably give you an answer. Do you wonder about this or that, why does the dentist have to do this? or why does my hygienist want to do that? She can explain it. So go on and click away! It's painless and free! When have you ever heard of that at the dentist?

Now we can all have that great smile we've always wanted!

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Boy Mom said...

Hi there, I'll check out the site, i can always use some good oral hygiene tips.

How are you?

S'mee said...

Thanks for checking it out! (I can't believe she wants me to brush my tongue! Ack!) I'm doing great actually, just a bit bummed over some health news...nothing tragic, just one of those things that makes you mad. grrrrrrr! Thanks Boy Mom, you always make me happy.

the freshmaker *ting said...

Thanks for the shout out. you're so poopular : )

S'mee said...

yup Freshmaker, this should get you like three extra hits! Wheeee! J/k I hope it brings you all kinds of hits! Then we'll all walk around with bright beautiful smiles!