Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Name meme

The Pea tagged me for a meme about names and their origins within the family....she wanted me to answer in regard to the Fireman, so here you go!

Name and meaning: Thor Jr. hehe! The meaning is "God's Mercy", "Noble and Bright" Back in our day it was a family tradition to name the first born after the dad, so we did that. Looking back on that we all think this was a huge mistake. Especially now with computers etc. and the whole same name thing gets really funky and it messes up a lot. So yeah, maybe we should have named him Bill, or George, anything but Sue.

Age: at this writing he is 30 years old, at one time he was 1, then 2, then 3, and on and on and on until now he's a big old guy with his own little guy.

Nicknames: The name that everyone knows him by (if they are in the family), a shortened version of his middle name.

Favorite activities: day trippin' with his little Buckaroo and the Beautiful Lady. When he was little he loved doing whatever would raise his adrenalin... same ol' same ol'.

Favorite Foods: Pretty much anything prepared over a grill in front of an ocean, a big pile of rocks, or in the middle of a forest, I imagine. With a side dish of family.

Least favorite foods: hospital fare.

Favorite music: indy, old (meaning really freakishly old early early) country, early jazz and blues, that said he's very eclectic and feels comfy with everything from rap to opera and to R&B, alternative, rock and back again.

Favorite toys: the "beast", I think. (again, those adrenilin inducing tools/machines)

Favorite Books: travel logs, maps, day trip guides, yada yada yada...although he reads all the time, all kinds of things, from politics to time management to religion and cars and surf info.

Favorite item of clothing: new vintage or old vintage, comfy and good looking casual wear. (he's always been a clothes horse)

What makes him happy: feeling well, his wife, little boy, family, his career, his volunteerism.

What makes him sad: the "91", senseless tragedies and abuses.

o.k. Thor Jr. Correct the mistakes!

And in the meantime, I tag BoyMom (pick one of the many!), Rynell (how 'bout sharing about the new little one?), and Robyn (what say ye on the youngest of the Mohichans?)

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The Pea said...

That was SO fun! Thank you for sharing. You are so stinkin funny, and I wonder if you mean to be sometimes, or if it just comes out. I am still laughing!

S'mee said...

Pea, you kill me. Thanks for playing!

Robyn said...

Cute meme! I supposed I'll fill in a few blanks!