Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If you are undecided or are still thinking of voting "no" on Prop 8, please read this:

Dear readers,

First I want to apologize for the content and subject matter of the following link. The site itself is not bad, however the links they give you are links to information the state either pays for or provides to the school districts in Massachusetts, where marriage is no longer "traditional" or between one man and one woman; the literature, parades, and support are disturbing in my opinion. Tax dollars promoting real perversions. There I said it. I'm horrible. Whatever, I'm done, stick a fork in me. This web site/State of Massachusetts microwaved me and yes, I am done done done.

This site is a group of people from Massachusetts, people who no longer wish their state changed the rules, the laws or the education their children are receiving. Parents who no longer have rights to decide for themselves what their children learn, and if they object, are put in jail overnight to rethink their discriminatory views.

I live in good ol' liberal Southern California. I thought I had seen a lot. However, I was completely shocked at some of the marches, rallies, and parades that are attended and supported by government officials in celebrating "diversity". I'm sorry, this is not normal, this is not even "hey, let's just look the other way.", this is extreme.

Please follow the link and read through their information and judge for yourself if this is what you have in mind when you think of marriage, or even equal rights and being non discriminatory.

and their blog:

Warning: Both sites are extremely graphic in word (words you won't say to your own mom) and content, displaying photos of events, materials, etc, used in Public schools, etc. Yes the site is extremely biased in the presentation of their view, however their facts are linked to public sources or from the offices of origin.

What adults do in the privacy of their own homes is and should remain private. I agree with that, however...

Teaching tolerance as tolerance is fine, tolerance as close minded or phobic is another. Restricting parental control over their own children is unbelievably wrong. Passing out literature that is crude and graphic to High School and Jr. High age kids is wrong. Instructing 7 and 8 grade kids that if they feel different from the other kids that it's a good sign they are gay or lesbian is ...I can't find a strong enough word. Government support of angry groups with no permits is wrong.

All of my rants are documented by public sources and not taken out of context.

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The Pea said...

This is so scary! I am worried about what will be taught to my kids here in Utah! What in the world is happening. I do not feel like I am a bad person because I Will not allow my kids to be taught this is normal!!! But, I guess if I lived in Mass. My kids would some day come home from school and ask if we hated others. What a sad day when the govt. is paying to turn kids against their parents.

S'mee said...

Pea, I just presumed parents would be informed, not so anymore. The state decides whether or not your child should be taught whatever. Given this new thinking that means most parents won't be able to opt out of many teachings. "Impromptu teaching moments" are becoming way too convenient in Massachusetts. I have huge issues with teaching 2nd graders about being transgendered. Yikes. No wonder the poor little girl (who was mocked for still believing in Santa Claus) had nightmares. Ridiculous.

I also have issues with anything I disagree with being turned into a "phobia".

Robyn said...

Yep, good is bad and bad is good. We're getting there for sure. drip. drip. drip.

S'mee said...

Robyn, lately i feel like I am drowning.