Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TMI 100 -for Lisa, Melissa, and others

1. I like my name. It gets about a 98% joke rate when people meet me for the first time, but I have gotten used to it.
2. I adore cats. I am also very allergic to cats and sneeze and tear up whenever they are near. But I CANNOT resist petting a cat whenever I see one and miss having one in the house. Although I do not miss the cat hair.
3. I have a strong fear of dogs, even the little ones, but the big ones can make me pee my pants just by looking at me. I have cried as recently as a week ago because a dog surprised me and barked terribly loud at me. I am seriously afraid of dogs. Although I know 2 that I like and who crack me up: Buddy and Bella, who frankly scare me a little, but are just big goofballs and make me laugh when I see them.
4. I am the baby of the family, which explains much to some people.
5. All I ever wanted to be when I was little was a good mom.
6. Being a gramma rocks. Rocks like nothing else. I highly recommend it to anyone.
7. I hate roller coasters. I don't like driving down hills fast. It is not fun for me.
8. I love the smell of a pier...stinky fish and all.
9. I enjoy driving around.
10. I enjoy taking photographs and wish I were better skilled at it.
11. I have too many opinions and open my mouth much too often.
12. I feel like I can keep up with most conversations because life has given me vast experience and exposed me to many diverse things. Not an expert, just one of those folks who can say,"Oh yeah, that happened to me too."
13. I am attracted to people with intelligence.
14. I think Polynesians and African Nationalities have the best features and when I was in high school I wished I had dark dark skin, and wicked hair. Um, kind of still do.
15. I wish I could sing like the black women I heard as a child. Fearless and strong.
16. I have physical pain almost everyday, all day; and occasionally, when I wake up free of the pain, it's weird to me and I feel lighter. I forget what it is to feel good until I do, and it's weird.
17. I forget things easily and it makes me feel stupid.
18. I hate feeling stupid. I feel stupid more often than I should.
19. I feel genuinely happy most of the time. My life is very good.
20. I think my kids are much more intelligent than I will ever be and I think this is a blessing from God.
21. Strangers find it easy to converse with me and tell me intimate things about themselves one wouldn't normally share with a stranger.
22. My foot measures to a size 5 in length, however it is so wide that I must wear a size 6 or 7.
23. I never wear mascara because my lashes are too small and my lids are too heavy. My kids say I have "Asian" eyes.
24. I rarely wear make up.
25. I refuse to dye my hair.
26. I am a hippy chick at heart.
27. I don't believe in world leaders anymore. I think money is controlling everything.
28. Because I am not one of the 2 major political parties, I feel that my vote doesn't count. I still vote, it just doesn't matter.
29. I am not rational when it comes to my kids. If you are unrighteous or unfair with them, I cannot be held back. I am not pretty.
30. I am more impressed with a poor person who does what they can with their home than I am with someone with money who has a beautiful home. Show me what you can do with nothing and I will be impressed.
31. I can't knit and it makes me feel dumb.
32. I am mediocre at most things. That said, I can do most anything, if not, I am willing to try.
33. I am basically content which can, at times, seem to others as lazy.
34. I am a different person when I am working. I think I work more efficiently than others because I want to get the work done as soon as possible.
35. I think my kids have a stronger work ethic than most kids their ages.
36. I find that obvious and simple things elude me at times and I wonder why I didn't get them as easily as others.
37. I love change. (and I am absolutely nutso crazy about bills!)
38. I am not afraid of public speaking.
39. I have had more than one person suggest I try being a stand up comic. My comedic prowess doesn't come across in writing (refer to #37 above). Trust me, I can be funny at times, especially if you're drunk or on some form of prescription drugs.
40. I want to be self sufficient, grow my own food and eventually get off the grid.
41. I brush my teeth while driving... to relax.
42. I feel like Heavenly Father saved me by having our family reactivated and me baptized at an early age. If I had not been baptized when I was I would have been dead by now, I know it.
43. I have too many sets of dishes. I want more.
44. I am ferocious at Boggle.
45. I have dyslexic tendencies.
46. I enjoy ironing.
47. I learn by doing rather than by hearing, reading or seeing an action, etc.
48. I have a true 50-50 split personality.
49. I really really adore turquoise blue and kiwi green, especially with chocolate brown.
50. I love riding a bike but haven't been able to for over twenty years.
51. I hate to fly because I hate the idea of falling.
52. I love the smell of rain, new babies, and baking bread...but doesn't everyone?
53. The only perfume that smells good on me is Coco by Chanel, most others smell like Raid (bug spray) on me.
54. My hair is stick straight.
55. I dream vividly almost every night.
56. I never have been tempted to break the basic "Word of Wisdom".
57. I was my gramma's favorite grandchild. I knew it then and I know it now. I both hated that and loved it. I think as a kid it helped me to know that someone loved me more than someone else. But I knew the indifferent attitude of my gramma hurt my siblings, and that, in turn, hurt me.
58. I have never been skiing. Snow or water.
59. I prefer exotic flowers over roses.
60. I know that being fat isn't about how much food you eat. I know that having a dirty house isn't about how clean you aren't. I know that nervous laughter doesn't mean you are enjoying yourself.
61. I loved to run.
62. When I was in jr. high school I cut my foot deeply with an industrial razor used for cleaning windows. It cut through the side of the ball of my foot and I was worried that the blood would get on the carpet of the house I was cleaning.
63. I love HOT water.
64. When I was a young, a neighbor girl hit me so hard in the back with a board that she knocked me completely down. The board had a rusty nail in it and when she hit me the nail went against my spine and had to be removed surgically by a doctor. I still have a small scar, and pain if you touch that spot.
65. When my sister went away to college, I sincerely thought she would never come back home; that I would never see her again. I cried for weeks.
66. She gave me a pearl necklace a year later and I treasure that necklace almost as much as my wedding ring.
67. If I could, I would get Lasik eye surgery; and have a pedicure every week for the rest of my life.
68. I like cookie dough better then baked cookies.
69. I think my best friend looks like "Debra" on "Everybody Loves Raymond".
70. I believe in karma, bread on the water, what goes around comes around...you get the idea.
71. I have a hard time understanding people who enjoy using guns for pleasure.
72. My children have the same birthdays and gender order as my Mother-in-law's children if you start with Thor.
73. I can pick up accents if I am with a person who has one. Which reminds me of my brother who could do it off the top of his head. And speaking of my brother, whenever I see or hear Kermit the Frog I think of him.
74. I love coconut.
75. I cannot stand organ meats and have never made my children eat anything I didn't like.
76. I don't like contention.
77. I am bad at math.
78. I get high anxiety if I have to deal with money. Serious.
79. I worry that I will live too long.
80. I am afraid of being inactive at church.
81. My favorite callings have been Primary chorister and Seminary Teacher.
82. I really liked my Chinese boss at the Hello Kitty store, he was a good man and he made working pleasant.
83. I miss my brother and my gramma. A lot.
84. I am not a baby person. They're cute and cuddly and nice; but I can't keep them continually happy and it frustrates me that a baby is sad or crying and I can't help it. I liked it when my kids got old enough to explain to me what they needed so that I could fill that need, to chat with, and to really goof around with.
85. I regret not home schooling my kids, although they would have never learned anything because I would not have been disciplined enough.
86. I think everyone should be able to go to the theatre/opera and it makes me sad that it is only for the fortunate.
87. As of this week, I wish I had 2 million dollars. 1/4 of that for a particular parcel of land, and the rest to build homes with.
88. I can't wait to serve a mission.
89. I find symbolism in weird things and in places others do not.
90. I count things when I get nervous and try to find sequence or order in the numbers. I also see people's faces, animals, and other things in the specks of walls and tiles, etc. Kind of like that episode of The Twilight Zone.
91. When I was 8, I was hospitalized for 6 weeks to find out I had a bleeding ulcer the size of a dime.
92. I fell down a full flight of marble stairs at the county courthouse in front of a large group of people and only tore my hose. I was thinking of Chevy Chase as I rolled passed the crowd.
93. My appendix burst when I was 2 months pregnant with my daughter.
94. I have had two of my greeting cards published in a national stamp magazine; won two stamped card designs for a major stamp company; won a national magazine contest for interior design for a child's bedroom, and won three first prize international visual display (holiday window) contests for an international children's company.
95. I think marrying Thor was the best thing that could have happened to me. Again, one of those blessings from God that I feel saved me.
96. I hate being alone.
97. I want to learn more languages.
98. When I was a kid I wanted to learn how to play the banjo but my mom said it was a boy's instrument. I learned how to play the ukulele, but was embarrassed. I can't remember how to play and now, of course, wish I could remember. I bought Thor and I harmonicas so we could learn how to play them this year.
99. I can't lift a gallon of milk without struggling, however I can move a piano with relative ease.
100. I have cankles and period teeth. (that's a repeat for Grettir, just 'cause he got a kick out of it last time.)

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Maren said...

I love these lists. I wonder if I could even come up with 100 things about myself.

I hate roller coasters too. I had a fear of dogs when I was little. There is a family story of a time when I was confronted with a big dog and literally leaped 5 feet into the air and in my dad's arms.

What kind of pain do you experience. I think chronic pain would be so very hard.

I would love to be self sufficient too. I find it worrisome how dependant we all are on the grid. We are in a very vulnerable position, I think.

I find symbolism and metaphors absolutely everywhere. I have learned so much by being observant.

I'd love to see your greeting cards.

What a great list.

s'mee said...

Maren, It took me a week to make that list! Bella, one of the dogs I actually do like, is a miniture wiener dog...tiny! and very cute, but can that dog jump! She can get a running start and jump chest high! boing!
The prophets have told us for years to be self sufficient. I thnk by the time we all get on board with idea it will be extremely difficult for us to do so. Chronicler has a post about "roundup ready" seeds and the Monsanto company that is absolutely scary.

I used to do cards all the time, now, not so much. lol The cards that were featured were of (get this) dogs (LOL) that I had done in pointillism with a tiny paw print stamp, over and over until I covered the surface. The ones for the company were pop out cards with dementional features that promo'd their stamps. I was recognised for using stamps in less than traditional ways. (Like a head of lettuce for a ruffle on a skirt, or a chair for branches of a tree. Things that you didn't notice until you studied the layout.)

The Pea said...

How fun was that!!! I love to see how connected we are. I too love to imitate different accents (I love finding things out about me that my Dad did), Cookie dough is way beeter than cookies, Roses are overrated.
I am not a newborn person at all, which scared me so much with my first baby because I tought I came from only newborn people.(you know my moms family)
*However...the driving and brushing you teath thing can be yours!!*
I love you so much

s'mee said...

pea, Get yourself a nice "buzzy type" tooth brush like Sonicare or even a dimestore kind like the $6.00 spin brush...give it a try -it fabulous!

word o' caution: have napkins available in case of suddden drueling. lol

grettir said...

52. I love the smell of rain, new babies, and baking bread...but doesn't everyone?
84. I am not a baby person.

37. I love change. (and I am absolutely nutso crazy about bills!)
78. I get high anxiety if I have to deal with money. Serious.

You are a woman of contradictions.

And "cankles" and "period teeth" still crack me up...

s'mee said...

Grettir...I refer you back to #48.
I could give you many more examples, but I won't.

melissa c said...

OH NO!!!!!! I just erased EVERYTHING I had written here in the comments! That makes me so mad because it was pretty good!


Anyway, we have a lot in common. A LOT! It surprised me. I also thought you were my age and I get that your kids are older now that They are not under 10. I don't mean to sound like I think you are old, I mean that you have had a lot of experiences that have amazed me. I had no idea! I am SO glad to know you better. I love who you are!

s'mee said...

Melissa, yup I *am* old, it's o.k. lol
Actually as of next month I will be 49! I don't have a problem with people knowing how old I am (#25).

Lisa M. said...

S'mee, S'mee, S'mee...

I loved this list. I love that you took the time to do it.

I hate rollercoasters too, and it always facinates me that people like them? Same with jumping out of a plane, ect. (I really don't think it is normal ... for them.. not for me)

I have learned to love dogs. I used to be scared of them. I have a sister that ... is scared of them too. She has even taught her kids on purpose to be scared of them, in order to protect them.

I think that being artistic, and creative is one of the most powerful venues on the planet. I love that about you.

I love you. Miss Asian eyes.


um and for the record, 49 is NOT old. goodheavens.

David B. said...

1958 was a very good year! As it turns out we're the same age!

Kim Carney said...

I love that list, it tells me so much! xoxo