Sunday, January 14, 2007

A room with a view...

Here we are in Phoenix. Our hotel room was fabulous, probably the largest room we have ever stayed in. The water heater how, ever was lacking. Oh well.

In the room was a terrific arched window that over looked the city block. Lots of construction going on and lots of diversity. The photos always seem to get scrambled when downloaded to the blog, so find the correct photo and come along.

In this photo I tried to do a quick sketch ala "Danny Gregory" who is on the sidebar at Everyday Matters. A great inspirational artist with books to prove it, I like his style and energy. He grabs a pen and draws as he lives. So here's my window view Danny. I take a sketch book with me along as I travel. I am very...ugh, I don't know what the word would even be, but I don't show my drawings to just anyone, so this is difficult for me. Number one, it's a "sketch", which implies quick drawing, not drawing for accuracy. This sketch was done in about 15 minutes. So it's not the best of my work. Maybe a sample of that later. ugh, NEXT SUBJECT!

A couple of reflective views from the buildings across the street. I think it's cool.

The last of the photo needs explanation. There is a one story building in the foreground. This building is original art deco style and FABULOUS! Gorgeous and amazing detail, maintained to perfection. Grey, black and white details. Even the roof top has an art deco design in red and black. It's currently a Baja Fresh. Go figure. What is great about Phoenix is that here is this great art deco building sitting directly in front of all the mirrored glass skyscrapers. Cool!

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chronicler said...

oh i love your drawing. it's great. if i were to attempt it would be quite different. i'm glad you gave it a try. the other photos are great. i'm glad you had such great surroundings. too bad about the water heater though. ugh.

s'mee said...

thanks sis. I have quite a few in my collection from the places we've been...just so personal to put out there, so thanks. :>