Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thanks Sis!

So how do you like it? Thanks to my sis (eeeeee!) I have a new look and a new blog thing-y. (Now you know why I needed her help to set it all up) Yes, I succumbed to the pressure and after hearing her say everything went well on her three accounts, she helped me switch over.

So here y'all go. There were a few glitches in the switch, but they should be fixed soon. I have, however, noticed that the new version of spell check just informes you which words are help or suggestions on how to correct them. hmmph!


add to sk*rt


Amira said...

If you click on the highlighted word, it will give you some spelling choices. And this version seems to be a bit smarter, at least it realizes blog is a word. :)

I like the blue.

Sarah said...

I tried switching over yesterday but as soon as I saw the new mangled template I panicked and reverted to old blogger format. I don't do change. The only real thing I'm lusting after is the cool new way they do the archive thing but I guess I can live without it...

Your blog, however, looks FAHbulous, dahling!

s'mee said...

are you kidding?!? This was definitely a collaborative effort kiddo. I love you pic and it looks really good!

s'mee said...

hmmm, thinking that last comment was sis while still using my log on? Oh well, thanks -couldn't have done it without the techno queen!

chronicler said...


Lisa M. said...

I love it. L O V E it.

We so need to talk however, about haloscan. *clearing throat*

I am sure Chronicler could um.. *coughing* help you with that.

*Very big grin*

I need the flashing his sister link.

(klotmum: A Mum with too much clout?)

Anonymous said...


Lisa M. said...

I'll be at

as well. I can't find your email!

I stink!