Sunday, January 01, 2006


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We woke up this morning to very sad news. The best friend of our #4 passed away sometime late last night or early this morning. It was a shock to hear this news as he is only 21 years old.

He was at our house constantly as a little kid. It was at his house that #4 had most of his growing up fun. Making things, teasing the sisters, learning about birds and gardening; eventually driving cars, skateboarding, making home videos, and chasing the girls while staying out of trouble. They both had the same first names and there for a while, it seemed like every boy that age was named the same. Yell at one and they all came running.

His mom and dad are wonderful folks and good parents. His "little" sister, I am sure is going to be quite lost without him around. His grandparents are going to miss one of the best grandsons ever.

Big blue eyes, a head full of amazing blonde curls, a strong heart and willing Spirit. He could converse with anyone, make all his friend, and was generous to a fault. He could see what others missed, potential. He was great at finding the good in folks and making sure they knew he saw it in them. He had a keen sense of fun and adventure, and a husky giggle that would send the girls into space. Shy, quiet, and deep down sweet.

I, among many, will miss this great young man deeply.

Happy Graduation Day, see you soon buddy.

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Susan M said...

So sorry to hear that. 21 is so young!

chronicler said...

Not too soon I hope! Give #4 a hug for me and tell him I'm sorry he has lost a good friend so early in life. Must this next generation repeat us?

Lisa M. said...

OH S'mee. My heart goes out, to number four and your entire family.

Someday, the answers will come.

Love to you,


s'mee said...

Thanks to all of you. I will write more later.