Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dim Sun...

Well a few years back my dear sister proposed a terrific idea and today, dear readers, it's here!

The SunspOt! (click on the little logo at the right) This amazingly simple little device will eliminate that horrid glare through the window as you drive into the sunset. It just flips on and flips off to be placed where ever you need to dim the sun! It just sticks to the window without any glue of gooey stuff, it just sticks! She has a great little border on it so it also removes with a flick of your finger, you don't need to pick away at it, just grab the edge and it's off to be moved else where. I LOVE IT!

O.k. one flaw... she designed it for the car only and so her instructions talk only about the car. (in your best "ronco" voice) BUT THERE'S MORE! I actually have another one for in my family room, because of the west facing window in there. Holy Hannah! For the last two sunlit hours of the day you feel as though you are sitting on the surface of the sun. The glare is amazing. So now I just pop my SunspOt over that part of the window. I get the sunshine without the blinding glare! Yeah!!!!

She has two sizes to choose from, (6" and 10"x4") both are priced under $11.00. with shipping included! You won't get a free shop vac and you won't get to try it free for thirty days and keep the lint brush, but you will have that one nasty little bright spot dimmed perfectly! If you think you could use one of these little guys just click on the SunspOt logo at the right and the link will get you all set up. Thanks!

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chronicler said...

You are too kind! Thank you for the advertisement! Yay!

meggiecat said...

Isn't feeling proud of your sister just the best of all?!!

s'mee said...

You bet! I am SO excited to have you here! Welcome Meggiecat! I love your blog, and I am a huge fan of your pop as well. He cracks me up!