Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween PG-5/10

O.k. so I am still posting about Halloween. It's just that I really really like Halloween. I don't care much for the chopped off limb - bloody "Carrie" - chain saw massacre type of Halloween, I prefer the friendly scary stuff, like a good non threatening graveyard, with a few singing heads and ghosties that are little kid friendly (meaning they make they tiny ones nervous, but the 5-10 year olds very happy being "scared").

(cue Rod Serling) Imagine if you will and normal house in a normal neighborhood. The air is crisp and the full moon is shining over the styrofoam headstones with just enough for little witches to make out the names of the deceased. An ivy covered fence and a creaky gate welcomes down a path lit by paper luminaria and floating ghosts made of glow in the dark balloons. Music plays softly in the background, and just as you enter the porch a swoosh of fog covers tiny Frankenstein feet and jack-o-lanterns carved and scenting the air with the smell of melted wax.

Normally we only get about 5 or six little goblins and then come the too old boys, (about 4-5 groups of 4-5) with scary masks shoved up onto their foreheads, bloody baseball bats, and with costumes that are no more than "blood" covered school clothes. After they bang the door loudly and yell at the top of their lungs until you get to the door, they look disappointed that they only receive what we have to offer. Then come the mothers with no teeth and tiny infants too young to eat solid food. We usually get about three of them begging for candy "for the baby".

This year we prepared well enough, but the scene never made it out of the garage. #3 turned 23 in late October, but with schedule being what they are for a young student, her (family) party was postponed until the 31st - Halloween. She wanted to eat out with the other siblings and so we had a terrific time at her favorite place. By the time we got home, Halloween was over and the block was dark. On a good note, we didn't have to clean up any broken pumpkin, eggs or have our luminaria tossed in the street.

The bad part of this year? Having a ton of baby play-dough packs left over. Leftover candy has never been a problem!

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chronicler said...

We only had 5 trick or treaters this year. Trick or treating is going down. Gone are the days of being out for hours collecting all the candy you could carry!

Pics, we wan tpics of Frankenstein's shoes!

Lisa M. said...

Ah. Play dough pacs?


You're fun!

s'mee said...

Well, like I said, no pictures because no one showed up...dang. I hear however, that nieghborhoods in the city do very well (meaning Claremont and westward)in the old door to door routine. I wish we had that.

Every year I try to have something of a bonus for the younger set. Imitation matchbox cars (read:cheap), bead necklaces, spider rings and carnival toys, etc.

And yes, this year's bonus for trick or treating at S'mee was tiny play-dough "tins". If you were younger than 10 you would get three times the candy and a play dough. This year's bonuses went to the baby boy (one of each colour) and the rest to his church nursery closet for fun on Sunday.