Thursday, November 10, 2005


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S'mee is outta here! Thor and I are off to Oahu (this place to be exact)! It is fortunate for us that his company is sending him for a conference and it just happens to be our 29th wedding anniversary.

We will be gone for about 10 days. We had to save up for quite some time to afford my ticket and expenses, but with Thor's half paid by the company, how could we pass this opportunity up? We are pretty excited and hope to take a ton of photos. We will be going to the North Shore a lot to visit the temple (wahoo!) and also to see the Van's Triple Crown of Surfing, which should be thrilling to watch.

If the computer is working well there I will blog, if not, ALOHA! until I get back.

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Amira said...

Have a great time!

Amira said...

And happy anniversary!

Susan M said...

Wow, have fun! Take lots of pictures too. I bet it's changed tremendously since I lived there.

Lisa M. said...

Have fun, I MISS YOU !

Love, Lis

s'mee said...

Thanks Amira,Susan, and Lisa!

Things here are beautiful and GREEN! Wahoo! Newsflash: God loves these people more than us. Thor is amazingly sweet and things are terrific. I am taking lots of photos (568 as of yesterday) and notes to write about later. In the meantime I am off for a pineapple/banana smoothie.

Take care until I get back!

melissa c said...

Wow! how fun! Congrats on a well earned vacation!

chronicler said...

s'mee come back soon! I;ve been feeding Larry but I think he misses you!

Mary A said...

Hope you're having a great time! Love your fish. I fed him, too, so he'll probably get too fat to swim!

Mary A.