Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hi Blogger, it me, S'mee....

Is anyone even still checking in? I'm not sure. But if you do, thanks. I am sorry I have been such a slacker lately. I'm o.k., but I just can't seem to find the blog motivation. That said I have been crafty lately...gearing up for the holidays.

I love Halloween. See the Halloween posts in the archives to find other things I have thrown together in the past. This year a few different items. I hope to have a You Tube "how to" up soon. In the mean time here are a few of the items I have been working on:

Chair Scarves. I used a window scarf I bought 3 years ago, cut into 4 parts, hemmed it and then threw it over the chairs and tied it off with a ribbon. Free and easy recycle!

I went to the fabric store and found $2 and $3 per yard fabrics on clearance and essentially just cut the one twice, hemmed all raw edges and threw it on the table to make a base cloth that would go all the way -and then some- to the floor. I had the gal at the store cut the top fabric to a square; however wide it was, that would determine the scale of the square, so be it. Hemmed and thrown on the table. Not Free, but almost, and totally easy. Plus both clothes can be used for other occasions, dressed and accessorized with other colours or item and that will decide the mood later!

An old recycled wreath, this one black, topped with 99c Store (really bad) black roses, tipped with a bit of green glitter and red roses spray painted with flat black. (In the photo the original red really shows through, in real life the red is more of a suggestion than a visible colour.) I just snipped the roses from the bunches (4 black, three red) and used the wire in the wreath to secure them in place. I added left over ribbon in a bow and there you have it. Recycle + $7.00

This is the one I am most excited about. I was sharing a snack at a friend's home when she served her goodies on the most gorgeous plates. White background with black printed toile "solid" plates and also as an edge. I adored them! Too expensive after the inquiry of where and how much? What to do? Head down to Dollar Tree and find some flat edged plates! At $1 a piece this would be a great alternative. I used a permanent on any surface ink and some scroll designed rubber stamps, and badabing badaboom I have my black and white plates. Not toile, no solids, but with the same feel! I think they'll look really awesome on the Halloween table, but also later and not so spooky! $8.00 for a whole new set of dishes!

Well that's it. See you soon, I hope!

Click on the photos to get a closer look!

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watergirl said...

I'll always be here! :)
I love how talented you are on such a small budget! The permanent marker doesn't smear in the dishwasher?

S'mee said...

ah Watergirl! You don't know how excited I am that you are the first comment! : )

Anywho, turns out, yes. I ran a test run of one set through the dishwasher and it fell off like butter in a fry pan! This is both good and bad.

Good, because if you make a mistake it *can* be erased! Also, if you want to change the design (do you see how sick I am? I am thinking of redesigning these stupid plates for different occasions! I need therapy.) *IF* you want to change the design, evidently it's an easy change!

The Bad: Well you'll have to gently hand wash the set to keep the ink in place. I am thinking that if the plate had a more porous surface perhaps the ink would be maintained? Who knows. I made tile coasters last year, and they seem to be just fine... but they were tumbled stone, go figure.

Any who there is a you tube coming up this afternoon. Link to follow. Thanks WG!

The Pea said...

Oh heavens how I love your blog. I have missed you tons!! And so;t even get me started on the plates SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I will be copying that one for sure.

Nonna-L said...

We check, we wait patienly. We love your coments and your crafts, and because you have the right, we let you enjoy family and life. I'm not crazy about Halloween, but I get inspired with your decorations. I like black and white very much, so that will be a great idea for some plates that I'll like to put on the family room walls. Thanks. Take care. Hugs, NOEMI.

property manager said...

First of all, I should say that thanks for your sharing.And then,I find that you are really good at decorating the dinner tables.It give me a deep impression.

S'mee said...

Pea I miss you too...seriously! = )

Noemi, dang! You just made my day! Thanks so much!! And thanks for the "plate on the wall" idea!!! Great save!

Property, this is what happens when one grows up very can take trash, put a bow on it and fake out a good idea! Be of good cheer! ANYONE can do this stuff! : )

Jenessa said...

I love your wreath!!! I didn't get any of the artistic stuff my dad could have passed on. I think he gave it all to Pea!!! I guess I'll settle for his feet!

Geek+Nerd said...

Hi S'mee - I'm checking in! Wow - fancy schmancy, I love all of your projects! The plates are super awesome!

♥June♥ said...

S'mee! I am so very impressed by your talents. Glad you posted about the plates on FB, it led me to your wonderful blog. I love it!

The Hobbit said...

Oh my God girl.You are missed big time.I was so happy to hear from you.I do love the plates.You ae very talented

Lisa said...

Holy crump buckets.

I LOVE it, all of it! Those plates are darling and I love the chair scarves too.

As usual, it's amazing to come here. I am sorry I haven't been for a bit.