Saturday, July 11, 2009

bleh, i'm sick. cough cough, hack, sniff

My sinuses are under attack and I? -their unequal adversary. Who knew that a sinus infection would lend itself to such pain? The pneumatic riveter drilling into my forehead has developed into a special quadrant of migraine hell depending upon which side of the pillow I lay my weary head. Eyes have filled with goo, lovely. Lip has burst open in a violent defiant rage. Nose is beginning to swell. Throat has lent me with a good chance at getting the baritone lead in the next production of Oklahoma!

Dang, I'm about as ugly as I can get right now, no joke.

Yesterday I went to sweet youthful doctor; the one who insists: "It's not rocket science! It's only medicine!" Mocking the intelligence of his chosen career, he laughs his way through my appointment. He thanks me for spritzing with my hand-held Listerine pump just prior to his inspection of my throat. I'm sure the Listerine didn't cover much of the ooky funky sinus infection scent wafting up and out of my nose and mouth...GAG. I caution him to not thump the center of my forehead (as I witnessed him do to Thor last winter) to check for pain. If so, he would also experience some pain. He kindly obliged and withdrew his phalanges of doom and placed them in his lap. Instead he employs his hand to write out a script, which from my point of reference, rivals any of Shakespeare's works. My salvation on paper, slowly delivered over the next ten days.

Thor attended -what sounded like- the most wonderful baptism this morning. I missed it to keep my brain inside it's shell. He came home to find me somewhat fetal, laying on a bed, near tears. Walking gingerly to my side he knew the perfect thing to say. "Want some frozen peas?" You need to love a man who instinctively knows how to touch your heart right when you need it most. In a flash he was shuffling quietly around the house, turning on air, shutting doors, tucking tiny frozen messengers of hope in a soft towel and then placing it under my head with instructions to "just sleep and stay in bed." Seriously, I was out like a light and slept the sleep of the dead...for about fifteen minutes when I woke up feeling so much better. Fifteen perfect minutes of sleep under a frozen pea heaven.

I was able to get up, hit the computer and the phone and finish a few projects.

Lucky me though, I get to give the Relief Society lesson tamale. (Redemption for the Dead. There's irony in that title somewhere!) Should be good for laughs if not education! Sweet sisters there will no doubt be kind as they turn their heads politely! I will instruct all within a 6 foot perimeter to go home and boil themselves to avoid this plague. (I'm not sure what miracle has saved Thor...sleeping inches away from my infected frame for 6 hours every night. How has the man survived?)

Oh did I share? I have been called to be the Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Counselor to the ward Relief Society. This should be fun! Except the woman I am following, a woman who had the same calling for about 4 months or so, has managed to create miracles similar to the parting or the red sea, or red jello if you live in Utar. Anywho, she has enormous feet and I am feeling my size 5s roaming a bit this week as I try to catch up to her speed on the track. I am extremely blessed that for some prophetic reason she knew to plan out the entire year. whew. I have until January to go it alone. Until then I am willing to fake it. Maybe by then I can convince the powers that be that I need to be called to something more equal to my talent, like the chapel door jam.

So thank you dear reader. I assume you are now the lonely member of the fan club! Thanks for hanging in there with me! See you soon with an update and an interesting and CHEAP craft. oooh the intrigue!

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1stdaughter said...

I know exactly what you mean about the sinuses. Only we have no insurance and no doctor I can see, plus my stupid mother in law insists on keeping the windows open at night. Her reasoning, "the ac turning on wakes me up", blah! I'm in my own personal hell!

Anyways...I hope the meds kick in quick and you are able to be a great example of how the redeeming of the dead works! And by the way, the ward doesn't know what they have coming, you are so talented there is no way you won't do as good or better than the previous lady in your calling. Love yah!

Nonna-L said...

Get well soon , please. Hugs, Noemi.

S'mee said...

Ah #1! Ugh sorry that you too know this special kind of fun! The meds are indeed kicking in! wahooo! I think I am on the mend! : )

Thanks Nonna! Hug right on back!

watergirl said...

Hey! I had that too! I am sure grateful for meds although they haven't done anything for my baby. Looks like she'll have to get tubes. Good luck with the calling. I don't know why you worry. You are one of the most creative ladies I know. Seriously.

S'mee said...

TUBES? Oh mercy! The poor little thing. Hugs to everyone...that makes me sad. : (

Thanks for the boost of confidence, it means a lot coming form you! : )