Thursday, April 23, 2009

umm, WHAT?

While sitting in traffic the other day I noticed this truck in front of me. Someone skipped out on Catechism a bit early. Amazing.

My head was spinning with the images before me. Was this person serious? (Imagine the back windows open! Hail Mary full of bow-chicky-bow-wow.) Hope this guy doesn't expect Mary to do him any favours...prob'ly not gunna happen.

How does he explain this to his mothers or sisters? Or Gramma? Oy.

I don't care what religion you are, this is disrespectful on too many levels.

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The Hobbit said...

Obviously this man has no respect for any women,nor for himself.Driving around with these images on the back of his truck implies to me that he wants attention from any or all females.Sorry bub not going to happen in this world or the next,I'm thinking.

The Pea said...

Oh Heavens!?!
What abffels me is nine times out of ten there is a woman in the car? Or worse driving the car?? Degrading woman is one thing to put it up next to the holy mother WOE!!! (I accidentally typed woe instead of wow and then thought woe is better!!)

The Pea said...

Just saw the tag "creepy old guys"


S'mee said...

"Sorry bub not going to happen in this world or the next." -hilarious Hobbit!

Not this time Pea, but you got that freaks me out when I see women in these vehicles..what are they thinkin'?

Yolanda said...

"Hail Mary full of bow-chicky-bow-wow."

Yup...he's a keeper?!!

LOVE that line!!

Robyn said...

When I first saw that picture I was just speechless. I am still trying to wrap a few words around it.

that line Yolanda references reminds me of a joke I recently heard though:

What do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow?

In the (bow chicka bowwow tune): brownchickenbrowncow! Or at little miss says brown chicken cow wow!

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Maybe he converted from one to another and the first one wouldn't come off???

Or maybe HE is the Ladies Man and his wife is the one who prays???

Really, that is tacky. What is going through a person's mind when he -- or she -- has to put those vinyl stickers on. There are body parts that need smoothing that I am not sure I would be comfortable getting all the air bubbles out of...