Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Post Mother's Day post

O.k. it's been forever since I have been here so here's what you get today:

I went to Women's Conference and had a pretty good time, then came home and went to work with a bunch of "church stuff" which kept me away from pretty much everything. But I had one of the best Mom day events -ever. Then went away again with Thor, more about that later.

Forgive me for bragging, but here goes...

While I was at WC the two girls got together and planted the bed in front of the porch with flowers! This was not an easy task. #3 paid for the goods and #5 did the labour. Much had to be taken out...tons of dead stuff from the freeze and from last year and so forth. New plant food and new plants and WOW! it looks terrific. My girls understand just how much I adore a flower bed full of fresh little heads greeting all who walk by. I LOVE IT! I can hardly wait for the heat to come so that the air is filled with the sweet loveliness that the alyssum will bring! I am so excited about this gift. That and Thor saw their gift and added to it by putting in two new lattices for the morning glories and wisteria to climb! woo hoo!

#4 made me a cute little wooden box that is perfect to hold THE AMAZING bracelet his lovely and talented wife made for me. It is the perfect shade of green mother of pearl chips strung between fresh water pearls! They know I am a pearl girl and this bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. She is gearing up to sell her jewelry soon, and baby, I can't wait. Her things are beautiful. I have already commissioned a matching necklace.

#2 brought me a new potted bamboo...but his wife and children made me the cutest ever pages for my scrapbook. SO cute in fact they won't be going in a book but rather in frames and hung in my craft room. The colours are perfect for the room and the subject? Well it's hands and feet from my little boys and one swirly finger painting from the Little Man. I adore these! They are amazing, the best!

Then #1 and his wife brought me a really pretty photo frame with three photos. On the top- themselves, on the bottom - the puppies, and in the middle this: "?"-January 2008.

I am going to have another grand baby!!!!!

I dare you to top those gifts! My kids rock!

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chronicler said...

I am glad you had a great day. It is amazing how such simple things can make such a difference.

CONGRATULATIONS! to you and especially the two! Yay!

Maren said...

Sounds like a fabulous mothers day. Congrats on the new grand baby on its way.


s'mee said...

Thanks to you both!

The post wasn't so much about the gifts,lol, as it was to brag about my new baby!!!!!

eeeeeeeek! I am so excited! Now I want to find out if we have aboy or a girl on the way....the suspense is going to kill me!

Amber said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby!! That must be the best gift ever for a grandma. Sweet kids. I'm glad you had a good mother's day!