Tuesday, March 20, 2007

catching up before I leave

I have been caught up again in a swirl of activities once again. Saturday was the dinner for the Stake Presidency, the clerks, and high council and their wives between sessions. It went well. Sunday was Stake Conference. Monday was my best friend's birthday and her mother's funeral. I was honoured to sing at the funeral. It was out of town, so I was gone from about 11:00 - 10:00. A long day, but worth it.

Today another meeting 8:30 - 12:00, followed by washing and packing and preparing to leave tomorrow for D.C. I am excited to go. I like the D.C. trip. Poor Thor gets stuck inside a conference room for ten day and I get to drive around and see the sights and museums and this trip...

a brand new baby!!! Yup I am hoping to catch up with my niece and Chronicler for a day and meet the new baby boy. I am very excited!!! Any who, I'll take a ton of photos and let you know all the details.

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chronicler said...

I can hardly wait to see you! The baby boy is just soooo darling!
The big guy says it's about time we quit treating the HC like royalty. Someone should make you a dinner!

Maren said...

Have a good trip. You'll be at my neck of the woods. D.C. is about a 2 hours drive. That'll be great to see the new baby too. Have a wonderful time.

Lisa M. said...

Freak. I always miss out.


Ah, I do hope you all have fun, give that First daughter, and her Mum a hug for me, and one for you too!

melissa c said...

What a fun trip. I am in need of a good vacation myself! Be safe.

Lisa M. said...

OH MY BUDDA, come back already.