Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Chronicler informs me that we are, indeed, relatives. Evidently she has the exact same photo of Canadian geese walking through grass. Yup, we're absolutely fascinated by Canadian geese in grass. These were in a community baseball park. Hers, Hyde Park, NYC.

"Snickers" has moved. Clicking on the photo may enlarge it enough to see that condos will now replace this business, one that was in the neighborhood for generations. The condos are extremely modern, all exposed pipe and corrugated metal, and glass. Kind of cool, but really out of place next to the old style of buildings. Interesting turn of events.

"Armstrong Laundry"- evidently the "first automated" laundry in Cleveland- also being encouraged to move and make room for condos. Kind of sad really.

Not sure if you can see the progress of the changing neighborhood in this photo, but the stone arch tells a story. Through it you can see the young man who has the assignment of remodeling this stone home and making it a tad more, well, clapboard. From what I could see on the sight, this corner home was HUGE. They have taken down most of the facade and front parts of the home. Along one side of the house they have build a new structure completely out of clap board siding with a corrugated metal roof. Pretty. (depends on your view I guess) I thought from my observations that they intend to leave the arch and some of the other rock detail on the other side of the house; but why? This house will definitely blend the old and the new. Just not in a good way.

Lastly, as election time swiftly approaches we would like to remind you to "Elect Jesus".

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