Friday, July 01, 2005

Russian River meets the Pacific

Russian River meets the Pacific
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This map shows the road we took that sits about 500 yards from the Russian River, absolutely spectacular scenery, relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

By the time you wind your way to the sea you are treated with even more beauty. There is something about seeing what your fourth grade teacher taught you as a reality that always gets me! (It's gorgeous!) And, as an extra bonus, if you look very carefully at this photo you can see tiny light dots right at the bottom of the "S" shape to the left of the inlet water on the sand. Those tiny dots are actually elephant seals! (see May 03, 2005 post) From this vantage point we were too far away to see them without using our binoculars. I am curious about the mix of fresh and salt water and if the seals preferences and does it matter? The seals seem to be the young born last winter and were just happy to be sunning themselves on the sand.

Using the map above, you can find a small "1" in a circle above Jenner. This photo is approximately where that point on the map is. We got out of the car and the perfume of the wild flowers hung in the air. I was very surprised, thinking the salt air and breezes from the altitude would have swept all hints of the delicate flowers up the mountain side. But it was all around us, sweet and fresh. There were other places we stopped along this same coastline where you could see and smell wild dill, wild lavender, and flowers I am unfamiliar with. About this point in our trip we also saw deer on the cliffs above us! I am telling you, this is a great drive! The roar of the ocean as it crashes on the rocks and cliffs, the birds swaying and gliding and the smell of the sea, flowers, and herbs! What else would make you this delirious?

The coast near Jenner, CA.
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Someone obviously had the same idea as I, and actually set up housekeeping! Look closely at the photo, just about center is a large boulder. Just below the protection of that boulder is a driftwood shelter! HOW COOL IS THIS? Man! Thor pointed out that there is plenty of driftwood, blackened by the year's fires, for providing building material and fuel to keep warm. Lucky dog who lives there!

I am as excited now as I was seeing it when I took the picture. I truly enjoy the coast so much! Just thinking back on the memories of growing up near the ocean, the really funky smell of a wharf, dock or harbour; the sounds that all of the ocean life offers; these things are exhilarating to me and just refresh my thinking! I have been really blessed! It is hard for me to think of people who live where there is no access to an ocean. I cannot imagine my life without these beautiful expressions of my Heavenly Father. It just flat out amazes me. Seeing the foam and the waves, the birds pecking out their food, deer (DEER!) grazing nearby, it all sends me!

If you would like more visual inspiration j.michael rowland's photography of this wonderland we toured is total eye candy!

More info on the Point Reyes National Seashore is here, and here: Point Reyes Lighthouse & Point Reyes.

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