Sunday, May 02, 2010

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So last Saturday was the bake sale for
little Daylon. We were celebrating our grandson's birthday, so we were not able to attend a fund raising event down in Corona. It just breaks my heart seeing this little guy and, having a tiny percentage of an understanding of what his mother must feel, I wanted to do something, so I made cuppi cakes!

This top one is "Hazel's My Girl!" I love me some hazelnuts and Nutella, so it was a natural progression that someday they would wind up in a cup cake. Devil's Food cake, Nutella Mallow (first you take the mallow...) filling, then topped off with hazelnut infused butter cream swirled with chocolate, roll the whole shebang in fresh toasted -then crushed- hazelnuts, and "paint" the top with chocolate. Yup if you love those flavour combos then Hazel's your girl too!

Next up to bat is "Triple Lemon Heaven". Start with Lemon cake infused with real fresh squeezed lemon juice, add fresh grated zest. Top the cup cake with a puddle of lemon curd cream cheese, then top with a huge swirl of lemon juice infused butter cream and sprinkle with more zest. Heaven indeed!

Lastly is "My Crush". A peanut butter cake that scented the house and managed to even waft out to the drive way (driving my neighbor crazy!). Fill with fresh peanut butter cream cheese and top with sweet butter cream. Don't stop there! You're going want to add a crunch to the top by rolling the top in crushed butterfinger bars! Forget the calories, you'll do anything for your crush!

Rachel from LaFujiMama informs me that the run/walk and the bake sale brought in more than they expected, however only about 1/3 of what they anticipate needing if the insurance pulls through and covers the cost by 80%. You can see, that is a mighty big "if". So please please, if you can, go help Daylon! I think together our "if" can be huge! Let's do it!

Rachel has asked me to put up the recipes for the above cup cakes. Hmmm. These (well pretty much anytime I cook/bake) are a add this, toss that kind of thing, so how 'bout an agenda-recipe and ya'al can figure it out, k?

So here we go, ready?

Click on the following links to go to my new recipe section! Or just click on the recipe you want and go directly there!

S'mee Recipe Page
Hazel's My Girl
Triple Lemon Heaven
My Crush


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Anonymous said...

These look so good! What a great thing you did.


Rachael Hutchings said...

Wahoooooo!!! We are turning you into a food blogger! :) In all seriousness, thank you SO MUCH for (1) making all of those gorgeous cupcakes, (2) driving them ALL THE WAY to my house, and (3) being so sweet and generous by sharing your amazing recipes with us! And you say you're not a baker. Ha! I love you my friend!

S'mee said...

Thanks Robyn, I bow to the master! : )

Rachel, thank you, I love a good reason to make goodies! : )

Rynell said...

You rock. Those look delish.

Cheryl said...

Wow, Internet circles can be small.
I noticed your link for Daylon is outdated. Here is an updated link.